Zoo Park Amusement Park Design in Indonesia

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of an outdoor amusement park project tailored for our esteemed Indonesian clients. Designed and produced by Beston Rides, this innovative venture seamlessly integrates outdoor entertainment with zoo and natural elements, offering a diverse array of attractions that promise an unforgettable experience for visitors. With our strong local presence through one of our five overseas offices in Indonesia, we possess a deep understanding of the market dynamics, playground distribution, and cultural nuances, making us the ideal partner for anyone seeking to invest in a playground within the country.


Project Overview

The project was meticulously planned following extensive communication with our customers to identify their specific requirements and preferences. The park features a harmonious blend of amusement rides, zoo exhibits, and natural landscapes, creating an immersive environment that caters to a wide audience. Notable kiddie rides include:

  • Chicken Run Trains: Charming miniature train rides that take passengers on a whimsical journey through themed settings.
  • Star Trek Track Amusement Rides: Thrilling roller coasters inspired by the iconic sci-fi franchise, offering adrenaline-pumping adventures for thrill-seekers.
  • Crown Carousels: Elegant, traditional carousels for sale adorned with beautifully crafted horses and other ornate figures, appealing to both children and adults alike.
  • VR Equipment: State-of-the-art virtual reality experiences that transport users into captivating digital worlds, pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment.
  • Box Gift Train Ride: A delightful train ride concept where guests embark on a whimsical journey aboard charmingly decorated train cars resembling gift boxes.
amusement park design in Indonesia
Zoo park design in Indonesia

Communication & Understanding Process

Site Inspection (July 2023): Our team conducted a thorough site visit in July 2023 to assess the suitability of the location for the proposed project, taking into account factors such as terrain, accessibility, and potential synergies with the surrounding environment. This crucial step allowed us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s vision and tailor our designs accordingly.

Factory & Company Visit (September 2023): In September, our clients were invited to tour our factory and headquarters, granting them an inside look at our manufacturing processes, quality control measures, and the diverse range of products we offer. This hands-on experience not only helped them make informed decisions about the selection of amusement equipment but also fostered trust and a strong working relationship with Beston Rides.

Customer site survey in Indonesia
Customer site survey in Indonesia

buy amusement rides in Indonesia
Customer Venue Style Determined


Production & Installation

Production of the custom-designed amusement rides commenced in November, adhering to stringent safety standards and industry regulations. Our skilled craftsmen and engineers worked diligently to bring the client’s vision to life, ensuring each attraction was meticulously constructed and tested before shipment. The timely delivery and efficient installation process culminated in the park being ready for its trial operation stage by December.

Upon the arrival of the amusement rides at the project site in December, the critical installation phase commenced. Given the complexity of certain attractions, such as advanced VR devices, this process may require a substantial amount of time and expertise. To guarantee adherence to strict safety standards, Beston Rides dispatched experienced installation engineers to oversee the on-site assembly. During this phase, close collaboration between our installation team and the client’s personnel ensured a smooth workflow, addressing any challenges promptly and effectively. The result was a meticulously assembled amusement park, ready to captivate visitors with its array of thrilling rides, interactive experiences, and immersive environments.

Carousel For Sale Indonesia
Crown Carousel For Sale Indonesia

buy amusement rides Indonesia
Star Trek Track Amusement Rides

small roller coaster for sale in Indonesia
New Roller Coaster For Kids

Beston Rides quality check
Line Check


Buy Amusement Rides For Sale in Indonesia

Beyond our comprehensive selection of rides, Beston Rides offers amusement park design in Indonesia tailored to your specific needs. We help you plan your site by considering factors such as space planning, theme integration and operational efficiency. Additionally, our experienced team can assist you in strategically selecting the most appropriate amusement rides for your site. And this will help attract your target audience and maximize guest satisfaction.

For those in Indonesia seeking a reliable and innovative amusement rides manufacturer, Beston Rides is your go-to choice. Let us work with you to create a popular amusement park!

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