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Yo-yo ride for sale

Yoyo swing ride


The Yo-Yo, made by Chance, is a swing ride found at many fairs and small amusement parks throughout the country. The first thing that people notice about the Yo-Yo is that the chairs sport a strap that goes around your chest as well as the bar that all other swing rides have…well that can’t be good! The ride itself looks really…sparse; There’s not much to it really! It’s kind of like a skeleton of a swing ride, like if you were to leave the canopy off of a standard swing ride. Yo-yo is also a very interesting name…it doesn’t resemble nor move in a motion similar to any Duncan that I’ve ever seen! Yo-Yo is a pretty odd swing ride. For one thing, instead of the frame rising up to raise riders off the ground, a set of sweeps that hold the swings rise up to a horizontal position bringing the riders up with it. At full extension the chairs are raised about 15 feet off the ground. Next the ride begins to spin, you know, like a normal swing ride.

Technical Parameters Of Yo-Yo Ride

Yo-yo ride for sale
Yo-yo ride for sale

Item: BSWR-05

Total Height: 12.8m
Passenger: 48
Power: 78kw
Area: D=22m

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