Wacky Worm Roller Coaster

Beston amusement offers the wacky worm roller coaster with high quality, competitive price and attractive appearance. It is designed as a wacky worm shape train running on a spacial track, which can bring passengers a slightly thrilling feelings. As the special train type is caterpillar, it also has another name: caterpillar roller coaster. With compact size, investors can install the wacky worm kiddie roller coaster for outdoor parks or indoor family entertainment centers. With features of steady and reliable operation, lower noise, comfortable experience and beautiful appearance, it is an essential element for amusement and theme parks. Welcome investors around the world to contact us and buy this attractive wacky worm roller coaster.
As a small roller coaster which can bring much fun and unforgettable memory for families, the worm roller coaster is running on a closed undulating track. And the operation is variable: sometimes go straight, sometimes turn occasionally, sometimes spiral upward, sometimes gallop down, which is both thrilling and exciting. Beston produces this amusement rides in our own factory. With integrated workshops, advanced technology, strict production process control and professional design team, Beston wacky worm roller coasters will be your ideal selection in amusement industry.


Attractive Wacky Worm Roller Coasters in Beston

Our wacky worm roller coaster is a C-type large-scale amusement equipment and it is mainly composed of track components, braking devices, carriage components, adapter for vehicle body, carriage wheel devices, vehicle box components, platform operation room, electrical and other parts. It is a kind of park rides which are preferred by different age groups. There are different types of wacky worm roller coasters in our factory. As for the track type, Beston has single loop track and double-loop track. As for the capacity or cabin number, the 16 seats and 18 seats caterpillar roller coaster are available in Beston. Besides, we can customize the carriage shape, theme, color and so on for our customers. Contact Beston and choose the most suitable amusement rides for your park project.
wacky worm roller coaster for sale
Wacky Worm Roller Coaster
wacky worm roller coaster for sale
Beston Worm Mini Roller Coaster
wacky worm miniature roller coaster
Caterpillar Small Roller Coaster
wacky worm mini roller coaster for sale
Wacky Worm Roller Coaster for Kids
wacky worm mini roller coasters for sale
Wacky Worm Kiddie Roller Coaster

Production Details of Beston Wacky Worm Roller Coasters

Seamless Steel Pipe
The main columns and frames are made of seamless steel pipe, which has strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good impact resistance and fatigue resistance. It can prolong the service life and improve the product quality.
CNC Cutting – High Precision
As the cutting is controlled by CNC system, the component accuracy can be ensured. Meanwhile, CNC cutting can improve the utilization rate of steel and the working efficiency, which means reduce the cost of the wacky worm roller coasters.
Welding – No Cracks and Pores
All welding workers in our factory have many years of experiences and corresponding certificates. As for the key parts and the load-bearing parts, we arrange the senior worker , which avoid welding cracks and pores, and improves the quality.
Column Parts – Seal Welding
The welding for all columns shall be seal welding to avoid the gaps on the surface or cracks in the middle. More importantly, it can ensure that there is no internal corrosion and prolong the service life of the worm roller coasters for kids.
Flaw Detection – Various Methods
We detect the key welds and the pin shafts, and it can check the cracks and defects in time to ensure no gaps in the welding. As for flaw detection, we have magnetic particle detection, penetrant detection and ultrasonic detection, etc.
Thorough Shot Blasting
The shot blasting machine have three functions simultaneously: sand shakeout, decoring and cleaning. Therefore, the process can ensure the thorough rust removal and improve paint adhesion, which can make the equipment last longer.
FRP – Felt & Platinum Fiber Cloth
FRP is made of felt and platinum fiber cloth. The felt has characteristics of wear-resistant, shockproof, excellent sealing, good adhesion, stable compactness and the platinum fiber cloth material we use is Grade 191A with higher toughness.
4-5 Times of Painting
Generally, we paint 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of finish and 1 coat of varnish for our equipment. The fine painting has good adhesion, heat resistance, weather resistance, bright, excellent color retention, safe and environmental protection.

Advantages of Beston Wacky Worm Mini Roller Coaster

Small Land Occupation
Compared to other large amusement rides, the wacky worm roller coaster has compact size and covers a small footprint. And it can leave more space to select and install other park rides for your investment.
Wide Application Range
It is suitable for various locations includes indoor and outdoor parks. Caterpillar roller coasters are commonly seen in indoor fun center, parks, fairgrounds or carnivals, playgrounds, squares, etc.
Global Install & Maintain
Beston has professional engineers and technicians to provide installation instruction and maintenance online and offline. We also have teams in other countries to support our customers.
Profitable Investment
With attractive appearance, cute shape, and thrilling experience for kids, it always plays an important role in attracting passengers for parks. Thus, it can bring much more profits for investors.
Low failure Rate & East Maintenance
Beston adopts the roller coaster structure for our wacky worm kiddie rides, and it will run as long as it touches the conductor rail below, it will run. Therefore, the failure rate is lower than other supplier, and the maintenance is convenient.
Low Noise & Stable Operation
The structural optimization of the chassis makes the steel pipe thicker, which will greatly reduce the noise during operation. What’s more, the cabins will not shake and the stable operation can improve customer riding experience.
Customized Design Available
Beston amusement has independent design ability and customize the cabins, theme, colors, track length and so on. And track length is set according to the site which truly adapts to local conditions.
Low Energy Consumption
It uses DC motor as a power source, which drive the train to go up and run downhill. Under the action of acceleration, the train speeds up and reserves potential energy. It can reduce kinetic energy climbing distance, and save energy.

Where Can Invest the Wacky Worm Roller Coaster?

When investors choose the wacky worm roller coaster, they have more places to invest in. If investors have a land and no matter where it is, they can select this wacky worm mini roller coaster. It can be seen in outdoor parks or indoor playgrounds. As for outdoor project, you can invest in amusement and theme parks, city park, suburban park, city park, leisure resort, farm, and so on. As for indoor project, there are shopping malls, business zone, family entertainment center, indoor fun centers, hotels, etc.
Amusement Parks with Beston amusement rides
Amusement Parks
Theme Parks with Beston amusement rides
Theme Parks
Shopping Malls with Beston amusement rides
Shopping Malls
Indoor Fun Center with Beston amusement rides
Indoor Fun Center
Leisure Square with Beston amusement rides
Leisure Square
Scenic Spot with Beston amusement rides
Scenic Spot
Business Center with with Beston amusement rides
Business Center
School with Beston amusement rides
Schools or Kindergarten
children's park with Beston amusement rides
Children’s park

Investment Suggestions – Product Matching for Mini Roller Coasters

When you invest in a indoor or outdoor project, wacky worm can entertain your passengers as well as attract more visitors. And it will be more profitable if you buy and install some other amusement facility for your business, and it will compliment the ride line-up of your business. There are many choices in our company and Beston can supply various thrill rides, kiddie rides, theme park rides, indoor rides, and so on. For Instance, investors can select the carousel rides, bumper cars, trackless trains, mini pirate ship ride, mini ferris wheel and other kids rides for their indoor business with wacky worm roller coaster. What’s more, as for outdoor parks, they can choose pirate ship ride, swing rides, top spin rides, ferris wheel, giant pendulum rides, swing tower rides, and so on. Contact Beston here to obtain a project solution for your investment.
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