UFO Disco Rides

UFO Disco rides have become an ideal selection for investors to invest in amusement and theme parks, city parks, playground, and so on. It is famous for multiple advantages, such as thrilling, completely new experience, excellent performance, simple and flexible operation. The cool design and attractive appearance makes it more popular, and passengers rode on the motorbike shape seats and face outward. Besides, disco rides can bring visitors an exciting experience of flying up and down. And as for the safety, the running height is no more than two meters, which meets the national safety standards.
Beston UFO disco rides, manufacturing with high-strength fiberglass and national standard steel, is a relatively safer amusement rides with long service life. What’s more, it can bring high popularity and good market response to amusement parks. While delivering happiness to our customers, we strictly control the quality and safety. At night, the combination of gorgeous and charming LED lighting decoration and lifelike and thrilling air combat sound effects can attract many tourists. Please contact Beston if you are have any demand to make your parks more popular.


Different Types of Beston Disco Rides

As a popular amusement rides with reciprocating track, the structure of UFO disco ride is not very complex and it is compose of track, frame device, turntable, platform, control and transmission system, etc. The track can be produced with U-type and W-type in Beston. As for capacity, Beston can supply flying disco rides with 20 seats, 22 seats and 24 seats. Which one do you prefer? Please feel free to contact us and tell us your demands, and Beston will supply you a quality UFO disco rides.
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Beston UFO Disco Rides with Excellent Quality

National Standard Q235B Steel
In order to guarantee the quality, the steel we purchased has passed national certification and each batch of steel has a batch number.
Quality Seamless Steel Pipe
The steel pipe we adopt has advantages of high strength, durable, good toughness and compression resistance, and high structural accuracy.
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Cabins
There are a special FRP production workshop in Beston factory and we implement the standard production process and ensures the quality.
Computer Control Blanking
The CNC blanking makes components more accurate and the error is not more than 0.2mm. And the surface is smooth and flat and the assembly equipment is precise and safe.
Welding and Derusting
Professional welding can ensure the welding process and quality. And overall shot blasting and rust removal can improve the paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. The service can be guaranteed.
Flaw Detection Methods
We adopt magnetic particle flaw detection and ultrasonic flaw detection for important stress welds and important pins and this can confirm the quality of the disco rides and other amusement rides.
5 Coats of Quality Painting
The paints are 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of finish and 1 coat of varnish. We have experienced painting workers with certificates and their skills are better and trustworthy.
Attractive FRP Shapes
Beston FRP shapes has been polished for many times with smooth surface and edges, without layering. The life shapes with bright colors are very attractive.

Purchase Beston Disco Rides in Beston Amusement

High Cost Performance
As it always attracts people’s attention in amusement and theme parks, it is worth to invest in. With reasonable price. It is affordable for most investors. Besides, it can bring high return on investment.
 Gorgeous LED Lighting
The LED lighting for our disco rides has strong sense of design, with colorful and bright colors. It can help investors attract passengers in the park.
Safety Guaranteed
Except for the appropriate height, disco rides is equipped with back pressure bar and safety belt. And there is self-locking device for pressure bar. It is safe and comfortable for riders.
Good Riding Experience
Though it is a thrill rides, the UFO disco rides are always operating smoothly in the parks. Passengers on the ride can feel very safe and comfortable and many tourists prefer to queue up several times to experience.
Coordinated Color Matching
Our professional design team design the disco rides as well as the color matching, which is beautiful and generous. It has been proven to be popular in the market.
Customize Themes & Colors
If investors want to customize the disco ride to match the theme of their park, Beston is an expert in design various indoor and outdoor parks. We can customize the color, theme, appearance, Light and so on.
Simple Maintenance and Long Service Life
With reasonable structure, the disco ride can be both suitable for novice and experienced investors. It is easy to operate and simple to maintain. With low failure rate, it can last longer.
Suitable for Different Age Groups
As a medium-size, it is welcomed by kids, the youth, and adults. Passengers over 1.4m height can ride the disco rides. Parents can have fun with their children in the park.

Applications of Beston Flying UFO Rides

As for many wise investors, they always know what to invest in, for instance the disco rides. Nowadays, when we go to the amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds or carnivals, leisure center, vacational village, scenic spot, and so on, we can commonly see the flying disco rides. When you are planning to invest some affordable ride to bring much profits, please contact us for this flying disco rides.
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If you match the disco rides with the suitable amusement rides, you will earn much more benefits from your parks. As a disco rides with track, you can invest in trackless trains, pirate ship ride, swing rides, top spin rides, carousel rides, or roller coasters. If you want to some feasibility suggestions, please feel free to contact us here now!
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