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Beston trackless train has the features of less investment and quick returns, making it one of the most cost-effective amusement rides. As a characteristic transportation, trackless train can be a popular tourist attraction while it often undertakes the function of passenger transportation. Because of the wide range of applicable sites and many attractive styles, Our trackless trains are always the top choices of many small and medium-size investors.
Beston trackless trains are welcomed among all age group, include children, juvenile, youth and adults. Please check out here to contact Beston, and we will offer you the most suitable trackless trains and the optimal solution for to choose from!


Attractive Trackless Train Available in Factory

Christmas trackless train for sale
40 Seats Christmas Trackless Train
amusement park trains for sale
27 Seats Medium Trackless Train
trackless mall train for sale
16 Seats Electric Trackless Trains
40 Seats Large Trackless Trains
customized trackless train rides for sale to Canada
Customized Trackless Trains for Canada
Guyana Customized amusement park trackless trains for sale
Customized Small Trackless Trains for Guyana
diesel large trackless train manufacturer
40 Seats Diesel Trackless Train
electric trackless train for sale in Malaysia
Customized Trackless Trains for Malaysia
27 seats trackless train rides for sale
27 Seats Red Trackless Train
27 seats trackless trains for sale cheap
Medium-size Trackless Train
medium size amusement park trackless trains for sale
27-seat Customized Trackless Train
popular regular trackless trains for sale
16-seat Electric Trackless Train
By Power By Size By Capacity By Theme By Wagons
Electric Big 16 Ocean 1+2 wagons
Diesel Medium 27 Elephant 1+3 wagons
Regular 40 Thomas  1+4 wagons
Kids Vintage

Features of Beston Trackless Trains

It is made of thickened steel pipes and wooden boards, more smooth and firm.
Carriage connection
It has better performance: strong and protected by the purse seine.
Locomotive cover
it is lifted by the hydraulic and generally it is disassembled.
Safety buckle
it can release the worries of parents.
Cabin ground
1.5 mm Aluminum embossed plate and anti-skidding decorative pattern.
durable, fairly exquisite and not easy to deform.
Five layer painting
priming paint (2), finish (1), varnish (2): brighter and smoother.
Seats and Wheels
comfortable, safe and abrasion resistant.

Highlights of Beston Trackless Trains

Professional Manufacturer
More than 20 years of production experience with all necessary certifications; Integrated workshops with advanced technology
Quality assurance
Select FRP and steel material carefully, which is durable, high strength and anti-corrosion; strict control of every production process
Low maintenance rate
Easier to maintain the trackless trains and save the maintenance costs, which means more profits for investors.
Competitive Price
Trackless trains with factory price; Low labor cost and maintenance lost; New technology increases efficiency
Wide applications and no region restrict
Beston trackless trains can run on any smooth land and can be suitable for outdoor parks and indoor playground.
Diversity and Customized available
various models to choose; themes and appearance can be customized according to customers’ demands, including hand-painted train body and custom logo.
Small investment and high return
Trackless train is a profitable investment. Cost-effective trains can bring more benefits in a short time!
Environment-friendly and energy saving
it is manufactured with eco-friendly materials; both diesel and electric trackless trains with lower energy consumption produce little or no pollution.

Applications of Beston Trackless Trains

Beston trackless train can be widely seen in many indoor and outdoor occasions, such as amusement and theme parks, fairgrounds, hotels, plaza playground, scenic spot, shopping malls, business district, indoor fun center, and so on. Where are you planning to invest in? Please contact Beston for the most suitable trackless trains here!
Amusement Parks
Theme Parks
Plaza Playground
Shopping Malls

Beston Amusement – Professional Manufacturer

Beston also can supply various trackless trains and other park rides, such as ferris wheel, roller coaster, carousel rides,etc. We offer the optimal investment solution for win-win cooperation!
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Ferris Wheel +
double decker carousel amusement ride type
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