Top Spin Rides

As a large amusement rides, the top spin rides are commonly seen in the large amusement and theme parks. Combining the features of thrilling with entertaining, top spin ride has become a dazzling sight in amusement parks, which can attract a large number of passengers for investors. What’s more, Beston, with rich production experience, offers the top spin rides for sale with high quality and competitive price.
Many investors choose to buy top spin rides from Beston amusement because of its strong points: convenient to transport and maintain, simple to operate, application extensive and so on. Besides, the revolution of top spin rides can reach 3600, and riders sit in the cabins with forward and reverse rotation make them have an obvious sense of overweight and weightlessness. The constantly changing of turning, swinging, high-speed, low speed and stopping make the top spin more attractive to thrill-seekers. Therefore, top spin ride is a worthwhile investment.


Quality Top Spin Rides in Beston

As a popular rides, top spin ride is extreme thrilling, which is preferred by thrill-seekers in amusement and theme parks. Passengers can spin with the seats within 360 degree. With grand decoration, attractive appearance, strong thrilling, and unique design, the stop spin ride or space travel ride always attracts a large amount of passengers, which means more profits for investors. Click to get more details here!
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Top Spin Ride for Sale
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Top Spin Theme Park Ride
Total Power Turning Diameter Speed Capacity Equipment Height/Weight Covering Area Service Life
35kw 8.25m 8.64r/mi 20 Seats 9.42 m / 21t 12 m*9 m 8 Year

Main Structure and Working Principle of Top Spin Ride

Main Structure
It is mainly composed of bottom beam, middle beam, column, swinging arm, cradle, platform, drive motor, electric device, fence, etc..
Convenient Structure
Components of top spin rides are connected by bolts, making it easy to install, maintain and transport.
Transmission Mechanism
The transmission part for top spin ride is composed of motor, transmission shaft, reducer, external gear, slewing bearing, etc.
Circular swing
After power on, the motors of top spin ride drive the slewing bearing to spin, which make boom drive the cockpit to swing back and forth.
Rotation of Cabins
Under the action of gravity and inertia, the cabins rotate 360 degree, which is more thrilling and interesting for tourists.
Transmission Route
The route of transmission system is from motor, three-stage reduction, external gear, swinging arm to cradle.
Safe and Reliable
when the cycle is completed and instantaneous speed is zero, the swing will be stopped smoothly, and it can avoid injury caused by inertia.
Changing Movement
When top spin ride is working, the movement is varying: sometimes turns, sometimes swings, sometimes stops; and the speed is also varied.

Prominent Characteristic of Beston Top Spin Rides

Overall Structure
With reasonable structure design and bolt connection, the equipment is very convenient in the process of transportation, installation and maintenance.
Lighting & Music
The ride is equipped with colorful lighting decoration with high brightness and beautiful music, and it plays an important role in attracting many tourists.
Thrilling Experience
The 360 degree forward and reverse rotation, overweight and weightlessness senses, as well as revolution and rotation of cradle, making it more thrilling.
Material Selection
Beston adopts Q235B high-quality steel, FRP and first-line brand components, making the top spin rides safer and last longer.
Control Mode
We adopt manual control mode, which has advantages of excellent performance, simple operation, safety, reliability, and stable operation
Safety Performance
The thick pressure bar and the double safety guarantee measures can better ensure the safety of passengers riding in the top spin rides.
Foundation Requirements
There is no foundation for the equipment, and if the foundation is hardened, the bearing capacity can be not less than 100kpa/㎡
High Profits
High occupancy rate: it can accommodate 20 people at the same time. It is a device for thrill-seekers with low investment and high return.

Popular Occasions for Top Spin Rides

As a thrilling ride, top spin ride can be a must-have for amusement and theme parks. It can bring extreme thrilling experience for passengers who are riding the top spin rides. And we also can see from another name: space travel ride that passengers can feel like they are travelling in the space. Therefore, when you are going to invest in outdoor parks, city park, outdoor playground, leisure resort, and other entertainment centers, top spin rides can be listed on your product lists.
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Other Park Rides in Beston

If your park has already installed a top spin ride, and you plan to purchase some other rides, you can consider other park rides in Beston. Beston can supply various thrill rides, kids amusement rides, theme park rides and so on, which can match with top spin with and attract more passengers.
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