Swing Tower Rides

Swing tower ride is always a landmark amusement equipment which is suitable for different age groups. And it can integrate entertaining, thrilling and shacking, making it popular in amusement and theme pars, city square, scenic resort, and so on. As for many investors in amusement industry, the swing tower rides have features of high technical content, magnificent structure, simple and elegant decoration, and excellent amusement effect. So, it can create the maximum economic benefit with the minimum operation cost.
Beston offers quality swing tower rides with three size: small, medium, and large. And it is composed of three systems: mechanical, hydraulic and electrical. Beston adopts new patented technology, which is different from the old technology with some disadvantages, such as complex structure, high costs, etc. The purchase price is greatly reduced with the new advanced technology. Especially, in the night, with high attitude and colorful lights, it will be more gorgeous and attractive! As a profitable investment, you will never regret to invest in it.


Beston Swing Tower Rides for Sale

In recent year, there are great changes in amusement equipment, and the model of swing tower ride is also constantly changing as times go by. At present, there are various swing tower rides with different themes, sizes and styles. Beston offers swing tower rides which are different in capacity and sizes.
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Popular Swing Tower Carnival Ride
Size Height Running Height Area Size Weight Cabin Capacity Turntable Diameter Total Power
Large 55.8 m 36.8 m φ 30 m 68 T 18 36 15 82 KW
Medium 44.8 m 27 m φ 26 m 40 T 16 32 12 67 KW
Small 31.8 m 17 m φ 23 m 25 T 16 32 12 67 KW

Manufacturing Technique of Beston Swing Tower Ride

Laser Cutting
Beston uses laser cutting for swing tower ride whic has high precision, narrow slit and good seam roughness.
Professional Welding
We stipulate all our welding workers with certificates, and 8-10 years of practical experience.
Flaw Detection
100% flaw detection for all bearing parts, and ultrasonic and magnetic powder flaw detection for main parts.
Mechanical Derusting
The effect of mechanical derusting is better, which can prolong the service life and improve paint adhesion.
4 Times of Painting
It can make the color of the ride more bright, and ensure the corrosion resistance and the service life of the equipment.
Accept Customization
Beston can customize the LED lighting, colors, counterweight and themes to meet the local needs and culture.
Hydraulic Lifting System
The system is safe, stable and reliable, mature technology, simple operation and easy to automate.
Comfort and Safety
Protective measures: safety belt, pressure bar and mechanical lock. The riding space can be changed according to the weight.

Why Beston Swing Tower Ride is So Popular?

Beston is a professional swing tower ride manufacturer with rich experience and guaranteed quality.
High Quality
The steel structure is treated with modern technology and it can ensure that every detail is safe and beautiful.
FRP lighting is beautiful and bright, and it also can attract passengers at night. The painting is also colorful.
The swing tower ride is widely applicable to contemporary tourists, and is the top preference for young people.
User Experience
It is designed with scientific structure, grand and magnificent, and full of thrilling.
The double protection: safety belt and safety pressure bar, which can greatly ensure the safety of tourists.
Beston flying tower has features of high attendance, quick return on investment and high cost performance.
As it is high in height and attractive, the swing tower ride can be used as the landmark equipment of the park.

Application Scenarios of Beston Swing Tower Rides

Swing tower rides always grasp many visitors’ attention in many places, such as big outdoor parks, city parks, resort, downtown square, scenic spot, carnival and so on. It’s always accompanied by screams and laughter and many passengers would like to have a try on swing tower ride.
Outdoor Parks
City Park
Pulic Square
Theme Park

Invest Park Rides with Swing Tower Ride

As an unqiue thrill ride, the swing tower ride can be matched with many other amusement park equipment. It is a popular amusement park rides with high return on investment. Many investors choose to invest it with many other rides, such as pirate ship ride, frisbee rides, carousel rides, trackless trains and so on.
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