Successful Installation of Eagle Park In Nigeria

Latest news! Another of our suburban parks in Nigeria, Eagle Amusement Park, has been successfully operating for some time now. From its opening to the present, the park has been loved by many local residents. From receiving inquiries from customers in early 2021 and learning that the customers wanted to invest in a new suburban amusement park in Nigeria, to October 2022 when the project was installed and put into operation, the entire project took about a year and a half. Currently, the amusement park continues to operate smoothly and brings considerable revenue to customers. Next, let’s take a brief look at the entire process of the project:


Eagle Park Design By Beston Designer Team

Since receiving the customer’s inquiry at the beginning of 2021, we have begun to understand the entire project and communicate with the customer about the project situation, equipment requirements, budget, etc. After a period of understanding and communication, by December 2021, combined with the customer’s based on the overall requirements and our understanding of the project, after multiple communications and modifications, we finally determined a design that satisfied the customer.

Eagle Amusement Park Design
Design for Eagle Park

Production of Amusement Equipment

After the contract is signed, and we receive the advance payment from the customer, we begin to arrange the production of all equipment. Within two months from February 2022 to March 2022, we completed the production of the equipment required for the customer’s project, and strictly conducted factory testing to ensure the safety of the equipment and the completion of equipment accessories.

Production details of trackless train for Eagle park
Amusement rides production for Eagle park
Tea cup rides production details for Eagle park

Packing and Delivery

According to the contract agreement and customer needs, in June 2022, after several months of production and preparation, we launched the packaging and transportation process. All equipment will be shipped to the customer project site in Nigeria immediately after being properly packed.

Delivery details of amusement rides to Eagle park in Nigeria
Amusement rides packing to Nigeria

Installation Details of Eagle Park

A month later, the customer received all the equipment, and in August 2022, the equipment installation process began. Beston Rides provided installation services for customers. We have our own installation team, but the customer had installers and chose to install it by themselves. Beston Rides provides customers with timely video online guidance during the installation process to ensure the smooth progress of the entire installation process.

16 seater carousel rides installation details in Eagle park
Installation details of tea cup ride in Eagle park
Amusement rides installation details in Nigeria Eagle park

Feedback Video from Eagle Park

After more than a month of installation, in October 2022, after repeated testing and trial operation, all equipment has reached a state that can be operated, so the customer’s amusement park was grandly opened. In the early days of its opening, Eagle Amusement Park attracted many tourists, adults and children from the local and surrounding areas. Customers were very satisfied with our company’s services and equipment. We also continue to provide customers with more operational services.

Beston Rides – One-stop Project Solution Provider

Being a professional amusement park rides manufacturer and amusement park designer, Beston Rides has a whole team to offer solutions for our park project customer from all over the world. Including designer team, sales team, installation team, maintenance team, operation team, etc. If you are planning to invest in a new indoor and outdoor playground project, welcome to contact Beston Rides now!

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