Successful Installation of 36 Seats Swing Ride in Russia

In March 2022, a famous park in Russia purchased a 36 seats chair swing ride from our company: Beston Amusement! It has been delivered to Russia to our customers and we finished the chair swing ride installed in early June in 2022. Now it has been in operation for almost three months and our customer reflected that it is always working in good condition. Contact Beston here to buy the most suitable amusement park rides for your business!

amusement park swing ride for sale
Beston Chair Swing Ride in the Park


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Installation of 36 Seats Chair Swing Ride in Russia


Project Introduction & Initial Demand for Swing Ride

  • Project Location: This is a project which is related to a park in Russia and the park name: Парк имени Плевен.
  • The Project Starts: The park owner planned to upgrade some amusement equipment in his park and he hoped to attract more tourists to the park through this new amusement rides. Therefore, he had higher expectations for this equipment and wanted to buy an attractive swing carousel ride for the park.
  • Customer Contact Beston: Beston is always here to help you! You can find us on Google, Yandex, Alibaba, and so on. As for the customers in Russia, he found us when he was searching online and find our official website in Russian. After investigation, he decided to contact us and sent us an inquiry.
  • Customer’s Initial Demand: After preliminary communication, our professional sales manager found that the customer’s needs have been very clear: the 36-seat Chair Swing Ride. So, he visited our site and selected some swing rides that he was interested in.

How Did We Convince Our Customer?

As a well-known brand, Beston has done a lot to prove that we are a widely-recognized and trusted manufacturer. We have quality amusement rides, excellent service and professional teams. Besides, we are professional in park design, product customization, project operation and investment analysis, etc.

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Top Part of 36 Seats Chair Swing Ride in Russia

What’s more, our amusement equipment has been exported to more than 100 countries. More importantly, there are exceeding 300 indoor and outdoor parks in the world which are built by Beston in the world. When we quoted for customer in Russia, we showed a list of successful cases and customers’ feedback to them. After confirmation, Beston is quickly recognized by our customer.

Inner Structure of Beston Chair Swing Ride

He chose from various types of chair swing rides and bought this beautiful 36 seats flying chair ride from us. And below are the two photos of the inner structure of the swing ride from Beston:

carnival swing ride structure
carnival swing ride for sale

Delivery and Installation of 36 Seats Swing Ride in Russia

After production in the comprehensive workshops and test run in our factory, we began to deliver the swing ride to Russia in March 2022 from our factory in Xingyang, Henan Province. It arrived to customer in March. And our technical engineers guided the installation online and the installation was finished in about ten days. Then, after the test run of swing ride in the park, the ride began to open for public.

carnival swing ride for sale in Russia
Chair Swing Ride for Sale in Russia


Customer’s Feedback of the Swing Ride in Russia

Our timely production, delivery and installation satisfied our customer in Russia. He felt quite pleased with the quality of the swing ride. He sent the video to us and said it worked very well. He expressed his satisfaction of the swing ride and considered adding a new VR equipment for the park from our company.

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Customer Feedback of 36 Seats Chair Swing Ride in Russia


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Chair Swing Ride Feedback on WhatsApp


Other Newly-designed Amusement Rides for Sale in Russia

There are different types of amusement rides for sale in Russia and our technicians never stop to designing more new park rides with attractive appearance to keep up with the trends. If you get in touch with Beston, you will find various types of new amusement rides, such as the pendulum rides, miami rides, pirate ship ride, swing rides, ferris wheel, and so on. Please contact us to find more attractive amusement rides in Beston!

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