Successful Delivery of Russia Outdoor Park Project

Breaking News! The outdoor park project in Tambov, Russia, commissioned by our client, has been successfully installed and is now operational. Given the scarcity of outdoor leisure facilities in the locality, the client’s investment primarily aims to provide recreational activities for local residents. Consequently, following consultations with the client, our recommended equipment for the project mainly consists of family-oriented and children’s amusement facilities. The project has been completed and warmly received by the local community.


Customer Requirements and Project Status

At the end of May 2022, we received an inquiry from the client. Our project manager promptly contacted the client to understand their requirements. By December 2022, the project manager collaborated with the project design department to finalize the overall project plan. The equipment selected by the client primarily includes a Wild Mouse roller coaster, kids excavators, rainbow slides, bumper cars, spinning teacup rides, and more.

Russia Outdoor Park Project
Site Overview – Russia Outdoor Park

Park Design Team - Beston Rides
Beston Designer Team


Equipment Production and Shipping

In March 2023, following the finalization of the overall project, the required equipment was also confirmed. The subsequent step involved the production of the equipment. Once all equipment production was completed and passed factory testing, preparations for shipment commenced. Subsequently, the equipment was prepared for dispatch to Russia.

Wild mouse roller coaster production in Beston Rides
Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Track

Production of kiddie wild mouse roller coaster ride
Production of Roller Coaster Track

packing of amusement rides to Russia
Packing of Amusement Rides


Equipment Acceptance and On-Site Installation

By July, all equipment had arrived at the client’s site in Russia. The client began preparations for installing the equipment, and concurrently, our installation team was dispatched to Russia to assist with the installation process. Following successful installation and debugging of the equipment, it was put into operation.

Installation of Wild Mouse Roller Coaster
Wild Mouse Roller Coaster Installation

Bumper Car Rides Installation in Russia
Installation of Bumper Cars

Installation of Kiddie Excavators Rides In Tambov Park
Installation of Kids Excavators In Tambov Park


Customer Feedback

After open for business, the outdoor park has attracted many visitors. And most of the amusement rides are popular among local people. Here are some photos that sent by our customer:

Kiddie bumper car rides in Tambov park
Kiddie Bumper Cars In Tambov Park

Kiddie wild mouse roller coaster in Tambov park
Wild Mouse Roller Coaster in Tambov Park

Kiddie rainbow slide in Tambov park
Rainbow Slide in Tambov Park

Kiddie amusement ride produced by Beston Rides in Tambov park
Kiddie Ride in Tambov Park

Kids excavators in Tambov park - customer feedback
Kids Excavators in Tambov Park

Kids tea cup ride in Tambov park
Kids Teacup Ride in Tambov Park


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