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Spinning roller coasters is a popular and widely welcomed amusement equipment. It can bring great fun and thrills for most tourists and attract many visitors for park investors. Besides, the spinning roller coasters are ideal selections for many investors who are planning to build or upgrade their large or medium-sized parks or other recreation places. As a track-type amusement rides with competitive price in Beston factory, the spinning roller coaster sells well in more than 100 countries and areas.
Compared with the common roller coaster, the spinning roller coaster has some remarkable features, such as the spinning cabin designs. When this roller coaster is on, it can drive the seats to spin left and right, or turn circles. Sometimes, it can run up or down along the track. The different motions can make passengers scream all the way. So, it can attract the attention of many kids and adults, which means earn much more money for park project investments. Please contact us here for high-quality products and services, and Beston will help you boom your business.


Photos and Parameters of Spinning Roller Coaster

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Beston Spinning Roller Coaster
Power Track Length Maximum Speed Covering Area Cars & Capacity
50KW 320M 35 KM/H 33M * 22M 5 Cars & 20 Persons

Safety Measures and Production Process

Check Process
The check device of spinning roller coaster will prevent the trolley from reversing and stop the trolley on the lifting track.
Anti Collision Device
The first four brakes in spinning roller coaster are safety isolation brakes, and only one vehicle is allowed to pass to prevent collision.
Positioning Device
It can accurately position the position of trolley relative to the platform by motor brake for spinning roller coaster.
Anti Derailment Device
Because of this device, the wheels can block the track pipe to prevent derailment, make it safer for passengers on it.
National Standard Steel
Beston adopts quality steel conforming to national standard; welding with certificate and 100% magnetic particle inspection
Thorough Derusting
Beston adopts advanced full automatic derusting for thoroughly rust removal, which can guarantee better painting and longer service life.
Professional Painting
As for painting, Beston ensures 3 times of polishing and 5 times of painting, which can ensure anti rust effec and more bright and attractive.
Quality FRP Material
The car boady of Beston spinning roller coaster is 5 mm FRP, which is produced in our own facotry and can be durable and bright.

Purchase Spinning Roller Coaster in Beston

Strong Interest
During the operation, the back-to-back cockpit can spin and tourists can overlook and enjoy the scenery of the whole park.
High Quality
Beston strictly adopts standardized production process, which can ensure that every detail is safe and beautiful.
Beautiful Appearance
The decoration of the rotating cabin is FRP, beautiful and bright, anti-corrosion, environmental friendly, and so on.
Customized Track
The track painting is high-grade, and the color can be customized according to the preferences of the local market.
Wide Applicability
It meets the needs of children over 1.1 meters, parents and adults seeking for mild and appropriate thrill.
Changing Experience
The 324 meters track is curved and undulating, and the passengers’ line of sight changes with the rotating cabin, increasing the experience.
Multiple Protections
We adopt safety belt, safety pressure bar, anti-collision and anti derailment devices, which can greatly ensure the safety of tourists.
Investible Project
Our spinning roller coaster has features of high attendance rate and high cost performance, which can be widely used in parks or entertainment center.

Spinning Roller Coaster Applications

As a widely seen track rides, Beston spinning roller coaster can be found in different places, such as city parks, amusement parks, scenic spot, leisure resort, sometimes indoor parks and so on. Most investors can make a big return when they invest in this park rides as it is a profitable amusement equipment.
Amusement Parks
Scenic Spot
Leisure Resort
Public Square
Indoor Parks
Theme Parks

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