Sliding Dragon Roller Coaster

Are you looking for a mini roller coaster for your park project? How about this sliding dragon roller coaster in our factory! The sliding dragon roller coaster for sale in Beston has features of stable and reliable operation, lower noise, comfortable and thrilling riding experience, beautiful appearance, and so on. It has wide application and can be applied for not only indoor project but also outdoor project. Investors can choose the dragon roller coasters for their amusement park, theme parks, city park, leisure resort, scenic spot, children’s park, residential playground, indoor fun centers, and so on.
As a popular amusement rides with closed undulating track, the dragon wagon roller coaster ride is powered by DC motor. When it starts, it will run downhill from1425mm high to 375 mm high. The dragon train shuttles along the track: sometimes runs straight, sometimes turns occasionally, sometimes hovers upward, and sometimes gallops down, which is fairly thrilling and exciting! As a medium park equipment, it can be suitable for tourists of different age groups in the parks. Are you planning to start a new park project? Please feel free to contact Beston to buy this roller coaster dragon rides for your park business!


Purchase Sliding Dragon Roller Coaster in Beston

The sliding dragon roller coaster is It mainly composed of track components, braking devices, carriage components, adapter for vehicle body, carriage wheel devices, vehicle box components, platform operation room, electrical and other parts. As for the dragon-shape six carriages, the front and rear carriages can hold two passengers for each, and the other four carriages hold four passengers for each. Besides, the trains are connected by connectors, and it can move freely in both horizontal and vertical directions. What’s more, the reasonable structure and unique design of this kiddie roller coaster can run smoothly and steadily. Therefore, kids and adults can enjoy themselves when they are riding the dragon wagon mini roller coasters.
dragon roller coaster for kids for sale in Beston
Sliding Dragon Small Roller Coaster
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Dragon Roller Coaster for Sale
dragon wagon mini roller coaster ride for sale
Dragon Wagon Roller Coaster Ride
Buy dragon wagon mini roller coaster ride ffor kids
Dragon Wagon Carnival Ride
Buy sliding dragon small roller coaster rides for sale
Sliding Dragon Kids Roller Coaster
Purchase sliding dragon roller coaster rides for kids
Dragon Wagon Mini Roller Coaster
sliding dragon roller coaster rides for kids
Sliding Dragon Roller Coaster
Track Length Track Width Carriage No. Capacity Driving Power Ruunning Speed
120 Meters 2.4 Meters 6 22 6×2.2=13.2kW 16km/h (4.4m/s)

Product Introduction of Sliding Dragon Roller Coaster

Wheel Parts
The wheel part for sliding dragon mini roller coaster consist of three types: traveling wheel, side wheel and bottom wheel. And the trains are controlled firmly on the track, which can avoid the tip-over of dragon roller coaster train.
FRP Materials
The FRP for sliding dragon kiddie roller coaster adopts paint baking process, and it has features of flat and smooth surface, environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant, stable and beautiful, not fade, not aging, and durable.
Column Parts
Beston will make the special treatment for all column parts, which is aiming to guarantee the product quality, ensure the passengers’ safety and prolong the service life. The seal welding will avoid the corrosion from the inside.
CNC Cutting
In order to improve accuracy of different components, Beston adopts the CNC cutting. The cutting machines use the laser cutting to process the steel, which can ensure the component accuracy and reduce the cost during production.
Professional Welding
When dealing with the welding of amusement rides, we will arrange senior welders with rich working experiences and relevant certificates. Therefore, it can avoid the welding cracks and air holes, which can prolong the service life.
Main Columns and Frames
As a professional manufacturer of amusement park rides, Beston adopts quality materials to produce the sliding dragon roller coasters. As for the main columns and frames, we use seamless steel pipes and national standard steel.
Flaw Detection
In order to check the cracks and defects for all key welding parts and pin shafts, we will adopt different methods: magnetic particle detection, penetrant detection and ultrasonic detection, etc. Beston ensures there is no gap in the welding.
Electrostatic Spraying Technology
We adopt advanced electrostatic spraying technology for internal steel structure surface adopts, making the coating smooth, delicate, corrosion resistant, fade resistant and aging resistant.

Eight Advantages of Beston Dragon Roller Coaster

Professional Team
With professional technical team, we design the rides independently to ensure the reasonable and scientific structure, which is in strict accordance with the national and industrial standards.
Quality Motors
The motors for our sliding dragon roller coaster is purchased from domestic famous brand, which can guarantee the equipment can last longer and has reliable performance.
Various Models
Beston has independently designed and developed a variety of product models for customers to choose from. And they are lifelike and beautiful, and suitable to different investors.
Customized Available
In order to satisfy different customers’ demands, we provide product customization. Beston can customize the dragon roller coasters on the color, theme, track length, track type, and so on.
Quality Services and Supports
We always value our customers’ experience, so Beston will provide high-quality services include pre-sales, on-sales, after-sales, to eliminate their worries about the future.
Convenient Maintenance
We adopt roller coaster structure for sliding dragon roller coaster. As long as operators touch the conductor rail below, it will run steadily on the track. Besides, it is convenient to maintain.
Lower Noise and Stable Operation
Beston has optimized the structure of the chassis and make steel pipe thicker, which can greatly reduce the noise during operation. And more stable operation improves customers’ sense of body.
Environmental Protection
In order to let children have fun and rest assured in the dragon roller coasters, we adopt green environmental protection paint, which has no odor, no pollution, and no poison.

Indoor and Outdoor Project with Dragon Roller Coasters

There are various amusement rides in our factory to support our customers to skyrocket their park project around the world. If you want to start your park business, please do not hesitate to contact Beston! We will provide you a suitable park solution which can reasonably combine our amusement equipment in the park design. Are you planning to install the indoor or outdoor park projects? Contact Beston to obtain the most popular park solutions from our professional technical team!
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Other Amusement Rides to Skyrocket Park Project

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