Self-control Kiddie Plane Rides

Taking the aviation fighter as the theme, the self-control kiddie plane rides can be commonly seen in the outdoor parks and indoor fun centers. With the unique design, attractive appearance, interactive experience, it is fairly suitable for team activities. Besides, it always attracts passengers attentions and can hold more riders, so many investors choose to invest in self-control kiddie plane for their indoor and outdoor parks, which can bring more profits for their investment.
The kiddie plane ride can spin around the central axis as well as go up and down which is controlled by riders. The chase and shooting can promote the interactive experience, more attractive! What’s more, when it coordinates various sound effects and lights, riders will feel like they are chasing on aircraft in the sky. Therefore, it is welcomed by people of different age groups. Don’t hesitate to invest in this self-control rotary rides for your parks!


Beston Self-control Kiddie Plane Rides

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Beston Self-control Plane Kiddie Ride
By Capacity By Arms By Theme By Configuration Level
16 Seats 8 Arms Plane Kids
20 Seats 10 Arms Bee Families
24 Seats 12 Arms Bear Thrill-seekers

Process of Installation and After-sales Services

Test Running
Before leaving the factory, our kiddie plane rides should go through the no-load, partial load and full load test, real machine test
Factory Inspection
Beston is a regular manufacturer and all products shoud have special supervise, sign and seal, acceptance report
Quick Installation
Beston self-control kiddie plane ride is convenient to install and wen can ensure the professional equipment installation in one week.
Attention to Details
Beston always pays attention to the details of every products and offers instructions and a list of vulnerable parts.
One-year Warranty
We provide one-year warranty from receiving the kiddie plane ride to ensure our customers’ legal rights.
Fast Responses
Beston sales team and service team promises to reply within 24 hours give solutions within 3 days.
Focus on Customers
Beston always values our customers and regularly visit the operation of the self-control rotary plane rides.
No Worries for Customers
Beston can help our customers install and maintain the kiddie plane ride, train operators and offer suggestions.

Security Measures of Self-control Plane Rides

Alarm Shutdown
The control system of fault alarm indicator will automatically stop and enter the inertial slow stop mode. Then check the indicator to judge the specific issues.
Emergency Stop
If necessary, press the program emergency stop button, the rides will stop spinning and the cantilever drop to the lowest position slowly.
Power off Emergency stop
If it fails to stop, operators should press the button, which is the final measures to cut off the power supply of the equipment.
Power Failure
During the blackout, the equipment will slowly stop rotating and the cantilever will slowly fall to the lowest position.
Extreme Cases
As for the worst situation, such as equipment failure, simultaneous power failure, etc. operators should adopt emergency rescue and complete manual operation.
Quality Materials
Beston produces self-control kiddie plane ride with high quality materials, such as Q235B steels, which can avoid emergency as it is broken to guarantee the passengers’ safety.
Pneumatic Lifting
The rise and fall is controlled by pneumatic, which has features of safety and reliability and stable operation, sound reduction and simple operation,
Multiple Measures
There are seat belt, pull rod, secondary protection rope, manual cylinder and so on, which can ensure the safety of passengers.

Where Beston Kiddie Plane Ride Can Be Applied to?

As an intereactive ride and spinning ride, self-control kiddie plan ride is accepted by most children and adults. So many families always enjoy their leisure time on this self-control kiddie ride when they go to outdoor parks. Besides, it can be widely seen in amusement parks, city park, public square, resort, hotel, mountain paradise
riverside park, etc.
City Parks
Children’s Park
Riverside Park
Playground or Sqaure
Amusement Park

Product Recommendation or Matching

It is obvious that it is difficult to earn more profits with only one set of amusement park equipment no matter how popular it is. So, as for a wide investor, you had better invest some other park ride to match with your self control kiddie plane ride, which can attract more visitors with different interests.
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