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Roller coaster is an indispensable amusement equipment in amusement and theme parks. Many investors choose to invest in the roller coasters for thrill-seekers. Though roller coasters are extremely thrilling, it is basically a kind of very safe amusement rides and deeply loved by young tourists. As a professional manufacturer, Beston offers various giant roller coasters with excellent quality and competitive price.
As for the structure, Beston giant roller coaster is composed of 3-loop, 4-loop, 7-loop roller coasters, suspended roller coasters, and cobra roller coasters. Besides, our factory also offers spinning roller coasters, family roller coasters and kiddie roller coasters for investors to choose from. No matter what’s the type of your park – indoor or outdoor, you can contact Beston and we will try our best to meet your demands!


Different Types of Roller Coasters in Beston Amusement

B039-GSC24 6 rings roller coaster manufacturer
Six Loops Roller Coaster
huge B039-GSC20A suspended rollercoaster
Suspended Roller Coaster
B037-GSC12 magi ring roller coaster ride supplier
Magic Ring Roller Coaster
Beston - top suspended roller coaster manufacturers
Hanging Roller Coaster
four rings roller coaster ride for sale
4 Rings Roller Coaster
ass through roller coaster to buy
Ass Through Roller Coater
B039-GSC24 amusement park roller coaster for sale
Giant Roller Coster
roller coasters for sale
3-Loop Roller Coaster
Family roller coasters manufacturer
Family Roller Coaster
By Size By Technical Category By Track Length By Design
3 Loops Roller Coaster Regular Roller Coaster 280 m Magic Ring Roller Coaster
Middle-3-loop Roller Coaster Suspended Roller Coaster 290 m Cobra Roller Coaster
4 Loops Roller Coaster 320 m Vertical Roller Coaster
6 Loops Roller Coaster 330 m Ass Through Roller Coaster
7 Loops Roller Coaster 440 m
500 m
680 m

Material Selection and Production Process:

High Quality Steel
Good welding performance, excellent deformative ability and great forming ability, which is choosing from top-tier supplier, which has
Seamless Steel
Seamless steel with relatively high cost, which can guarantee the higher quality and longer service life, and save money.
CNC Cutting
This technique use in roller coasters makes the surface smoother and the assembly equipment safer. The precision can be up to 0.2 mm.
Professional Welding
The welding workers in Beston factory are very professional and experienced. They carry out welding with certificates.
Flaw Detection
In order to ensure there is no gap at the weld, Beston detects all weld seam and use ultrasonic examination for all important parts.
Rust Removal
Adopting mechanical polishing, all iron parts can be completely derusted, which can prolong the service life and making the painting easier.
4-5 Times of Painting
Steel frame uses epoxy paint with corrosion resistant. FRP uses acrylic paint with good adhesion, heat resistance, bright color, and environmental protection.
Quality FRP
Beston FRP adopts 3 felt and 2 cloth techniques, which is strictly conforming to amusement equipment standards. It is smooth, durable and not easy to deform.

Why Choose to Buy Roller Coaster in Beston?

Novel Appearance
With gorgeous appearance and unique design, Beston roller coasters can be the landmark and attract passengers for parks.
Safety Guaranteed
Beston factory adopts mature technology and reasonable design, which ensure the safety. It brings strong sense of thrilling experience.
Quality Assurance
3.national standard steel, electrical appliances: Schneider, sealing ring of hydraulic cylinder: NOK, which is durable and safe.
Advanced Workshop
4.Beston factory has 10+ production workshops, 400+ sets of advanced process equipment and more than 700 employees.
Complete Facilities
The complete production technologies and integrated processing in the factory ensure the high quality and high matching degree.
Patent Protection
Beston offers roller coasters with low-noise patents and various design certificates for roller coasters.
Exquisite Painting
5 layers of paint make the good adhesion, smooth and shiny. It can last for at least 8 years, saving the paint repair costs.
Thorough Derusting
shot blasting machine: good derusting effect and comprehensive derusting, and it can last longer and is safer.

Investment and Profits

Beston trackless train can be widely seen in many indoor and outdoor occasions. Where are you planning to invest in? Please contact Beston for the most suitable trackless trains here!
Carousel Rides Operating Budget Analysis
Product 16 Seats Carousel Rides Equipment Investment (RMB) 150000 Operation Age 8
Basic Parameters Rated Capacity (Person) Rated Power (kW/h) Covering Space(㎡) Single Operation Time (Times / Hour) Average Daily Capacity (Person-time / Day) Effective Running Time (Hours / Day)
16 7.5 56 12 65 8
Basic Parameters Rated Capacity (Person) Rated Power (kW/h) Covering Space(㎡) Single Operation Time (Times / Hour) Average Daily Capacity (Person-time / Day) Effective Running Time (Hours / Day)
16 65 150000 63 65 8
Rated Capacity (Person) Rated Power (kW/h) Covering Space(㎡) Single Operation Time (Times / Hour) Average Daily Capacity (Person-time / Day) Effective Running Time (Hours / Day)
16 24 150 35 65 8
Basic Parameters Rated Capacity (Person) Rated Power (kW/h) Covering Space (㎡) Single Operation Time (Times / Hour)
16 100 15 24
Tip: The table is theoretical calculation data for reference only. The specific operating budget varies according to the site location, facilities and operating costs.

Where to Invest the Roller Coasters?

Beston roller coasters can be commonly seen in amusement parks, theme parks, scenic spots, landmark buildings in the city center, indoor parks and some kids parks. Because of various roller coasters to choose from, please contact our professional manager for reliable and profitable investment.
theme park roller coasters
Amusement Parks
Theme Parks
roller coasters in indoor park
Indoor Parks
kiddie roller coasters for kids parks
Kids Parks
Beston Roller Coasters in Parks
City Parks

Roller Coaster Collocation:

As we know, a park must have various amusement equipment to ensure more passengers. Except the roller coasters, many other amusement rides are popular in parks, such as ferris wheel, carousel rides, pirate ship rides, trackless trains, etc.
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