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As a popular park rides with the thrilling experience, pirate ship ride is an essential part for amusement and theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, city park and so on. And many investors choose to invest in pirate ship ride for their parks because of attractive appearance, large capacities, thrilling and exciting experience, sightseeing and safe. Beston offers quality pirate ship ride for sale of different sizes and capacities, which can meet customers’ requirements.
Passengers of different age groups are fund of this theme park rides. Besides, pirate ship rides with different capacities can range from 8 seats and 12 seats mini pirate ship ride, to 16 seats, 24 seats, 32 seats and 40 seats pirate boat ride. Therefore, investors should choose the most suitable pirate ship rides for their business according the site situation and the budget. If you have any doubts, please contact Beston for free consultation. Then our sales manager will offer you excellent service and pirate ship ride with superior quality


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Product Advantages of Beston Pirate Boat Ride

Upright Column
Diameter is 21.9 cm and thickness is 6 mm and the steel is purchased from large state-owned enterprises, which has corresponding label and can trace to the source.
Pirate Boat Body
High quality raw materials: 5 mm thickness, Internal embedded iron parts. And boat body is nearly 10 meters. And it is decorated with colorful and georous LED lighting.
Welding Position
CNC cutting and regular welding: personnel working with certificates; Magnetic particle inspection for welding parts to ensure welding strength.
Independent Design
Accurate to every bolt, stable and excellent design. Precise stress analysis and fine structure design ensure the stability and long service life under high load.
CNC Cutting and Rigorous Workmanship
CNC cutting for all steel materials, and some precision parts adopt laser cutting technology. Metal flaw detection inside and outside to ensure excellent performance.
Professional FRP Products
The luxury 24-seat FRP pirate ship ride uses quality FRP: 3 felts and 2 cloth is used, which is flat and smooth, not easy to deform and durable.
Unique Customized Product
A variety of color schemes and shapes to choose from. Bow sculpture can be changed according to customers’ demands. The ride is designed with exclusive lighting effect, making it stand out.
Multiple Test Running
Before leaving the factory, the pirate ship conducted three tests: no-load condition, unbalanced load condition and full load condition respectively, and all trial operation tests lasted for several days.

Purchase Suggestions of Pirate Ship Rides

Consider Costs and Benefits
You’d better balance the costs and benefits and choose the most suitable pirate ship ride according to your fund and park size. Choose the right ride can improve the cost performance.
Choose a Good Manufacturer
Research online again and again to ensure you find the experienced manufacturers, which can offer high quality pirate ship ride with unique design and excellent after-sales service.
Value the Product Quality
High quality pirate ship ride is profitable and can last longer and maintain less. Buy high-quality pirate boat ride in Beston can increase your return on investment.
Choose a Competitive Price
Compare with different manufacturers and choose the pirate ship ride with competitive price. Beston can supply various pirate ship ride with reasonable price for different investors.
Check the Safety Performance
Safety is a top priority for all, and product quality and design is closely related to it. We adopt multiple safety measures for our pirate ship ride to guarantee all passengers’ safety.
Compare Product Appearance
Purchase pirate ship ride with attractive appearance can bring more profits for investors. Beston uses colorful FRP and we can customize the theme, color, logo to meet customers’ demands.
Client Feedback & Review
Don’t neglect customers’ opinion. It can truly reflect a company’s strength and reputation. Beston can help you contact our local customers in your areas to help you make a decision.
Pre-sales & After-sales Service
It is a guarantee for all customers. Beston has a professional service team to help our customers save time and money. We can offer design, manufacture, delivery, installation, maintenance, profit proposal, etc.

Beston Pirate Ship Rides – Investment Direction

Do you have doubt about your investment direction? Many investors have no idea about where to invest in amusement industry. If so, please do not heisistate to contact Beston amusement about your park project. And if you are planning to buy some amusement equipment for your amusement parks, theme parks, city park, scenic spot, carnival, and so on, you can take Beston pirate ship ride into consideration.
Amusement Parks
Theme Parks
City Park
Scenic Resort
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Popular Park Rides in Beston Parks

Beston manufactures and offers carious quality amusement park equipment to parks around the world. If you have demands about different pirate ship ride other park rides, or even demands to customize some amusement rides appearance, themes, colors or logos according to local market or cultural, Beston will be always here to give you a hand and make your succeed in starting your own park projects.
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