Park Solution for Nigeria Dream World Amusement Park

Latest news: Another outdoor amusement park project, “Dream World Amusement Park,” from our Nigerian client has been successfully installed and is now operational. The client is highly satisfied with our entire installation process and has shared numerous photos of the installation and operation. They are very pleased with our products and the ongoing services we provide. Apart from the Dream World Amusement Park project in Nigeria, we have numerous other amusement park projects in Nigeria and various countries around the world, including projects like Vinmilan Hotel Park, Bolaji Park, and more. If you are considering investing in indoor or outdoor amusement parks, feel free to get in touch with Beston Rides. Check the following video to get more about the Dream World Amusement Park project now:


Introduction of Dream World Amusement Park In Nigeria

“Dream World Amusement Park” is a newly established amusement park located in Nigeria. This project is undertaken by Beston Rides, which has provided a comprehensive solution along with the required amusement equipment. Initially, the client reached out to us through our website. Our project manager for the Nigerian market learned that the client intended to create a park in Nigeria. The project location had been confirmed, funds were prepared, but what was needed was a professional amusement facility company to provide a complete park solution. After seeing the information displayed on our website, the client contacted us. The following is the final solution we provided to the client based on their requirements:

Dream World Amusement Park Design
Beston Park Project Designer

Installation Feedback In Nigeria

After the completion of all amusement equipment manufacturing, we promptly arrange for the shipment to the client. In accordance with pre-arranged agreements and contract terms, even though our company offers on-site installation services, the client has decided to engage a local installation team for equipment setup. During the installation process, Beston Rides’ installation engineers provide timely video guidance to the client, ensuring a smooth installation of the equipment.

Pirate ship ride installation details

Mini ferris wheel ride installation details

Swing chair ride installation In Dream World park

Top spin ride installation

Carousel ride installation

Dream world park pendulum ride installation

Other Related Projects In the World

Currently, Beston Rides has undertaken over 1000 indoor and outdoor amusement park projects in various countries around the world. These projects encompass amusement parks of different scales, including large, medium, and small-sized parks. They are also designed for diverse settings such as urban parks, integrated hotel amusement parks, suburban amusement parks, water-based amusement projects, and indoor mall children’s playgrounds. Beston Rides boasts a professional team of designers, project planners, installation experts, and after-sales personnel, providing clients with a comprehensive one-stop solution for amusement parks. Feel free to contact us right away!

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