amusement park design in Indonesia

Zoo Park Amusement Park Design in Indonesia

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of an outdoor amusement park project tailored for our esteemed Indonesian clients. Designed and produced by Beston Rides, this innovative venture seamlessly integrates outdoor entertainment with zoo and natural elements, offering a diverse array of attractions that promise an unforgettable experience for visitors. With our strong local … Read more

Beston - spinning roller coaster manufacturers

Spinning Roller Coaster

Spinning roller coasters is a popular and widely welcomed amusement equipment. It can bring great fun and thrills for most tourists and attract many visitors for park investors. Besides, the spinning roller coasters are ideal selections for many investors who are planning to build or upgrade their large or medium-sized parks or other recreation places. … Read more

swing amusement ride manufacturer

Chair Swing Rides

Chair swing rides, a popular spinning rides and thrill rides, sell well in Beston for amusement investors. It is suitable for densely populated places and many investors choose to invest chair swing rides in their amusement parks, theme parks, squares, outdoor playgrounds, and so on. Because of high capacities and attractive appearance, it often attracts … Read more

fairground dodgem car for sale in Moldova

Bumper Cars

Beston, as a professional and leading bumper car manufacturer, is many investors’ first choice when choosing to invest in amusement rides. There are electric bumper cars and battery bumper cars for customers to buy from Beston. As our bumper cars are famous for high quality, professional production, unique and novel design, attractive appearance and affordable … Read more

Beston amusement park carousel for sale

Carousel Rides

Are you planning to purchase carousel rides for your business? Beston can be here to help you choose the most suitable carousel ride with lower price and high return. As one of the most welcomed amusement rides for kids, kiddie carousel rides are popular in different occasions, such as amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, … Read more

65m carnival ferris wheel for sale

Ferris Wheel

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of various amusement rides, Beston amusement offers ferris wheels with different heights and capacities. With factory price and unique design, our ferris wheel is always many customers’ optimal choice when searching and purchasing ferris wheel for amusement investment. Most importantly, Beston is striving to become a preferred partner relying … Read more

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