Outdoor Park Project Solution for Chile Client

Great news! The comprehensive outdoor amusement park project in Chile has been successfully opened! Wishing our clients’ prosperity in their business. From receiving the inquiry in March 2023 to the successful installation and operation of the equipment in September 2023, the entire process took about six months. The project progressed rapidly, with a short timeline, and everything went smoothly. Our clients are highly satisfied with our whole project service, amusement rides quality, and project solution. We are committed to providing ongoing support for the operation of this project and look forward to future collaborations. Now, let’s learn more about this park project in Chile.


Customer Requirements and Project Details

In March 2023, a Chilean client sent an inquiry expressing interest in our amusement equipment and requested a price list. Our project manager promptly contacted the client to gather detailed information about their project. Through communication, we learned that the client had 3000 square meters available for investing in amusement equipment. We, Beston Rides began customizing a competitive equipment procurement plan for the client, taking into account analysis of local competitors, and ultimately finalized the overall solution.

Communication with Chile outdoor park client
Project solution for Chile park


Equipment Production Phase

By the end of March 2023, after discussions with the client, both parties signed a procurement contract. We immediately arranged for the factory to start equipment production. After more than a month, by May 2023, all the amusement equipment required for the Chilean project was successfully produced, and shipping arrangements were made.

Production for carousel for Chile park project
Amusement rides production for Chile park


Transportation and Installation Phase

Once all the equipment was produced, we began the packaging process. Following the agreed-upon schedule in the contract, we arranged for the transportation of the equipment. After the equipment safely arrived at the client’s site, we promptly provided installation services to ensure that all project equipment was installed smoothly.

Shipping of amusement rides to Chile
Installation of amusement rides in Chile


Grand Opening and Customer Feedback

By September 2023, all the amusement equipment had been installed and undergone multiple operational tests, meeting the requirements for official operation. On the day of the client’s project opening, it attracted numerous visitors from the surrounding areas. The local residents particularly enjoyed our amusement facilities, and the client provided positive feedback on our equipment and services. Below are some photos showcasing the operation of the equipment.

Grand opening of Chile outdoor park
Chile park is opening
Opening details of outdoor park project in Chile


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