Grand Carousel Ride & Customized Train in Guyana

Beston has offered two park rides for a project in Guyana, which makes our customer in Guyana feel very satisfied. And for the two equipment, one is a top-transmission luxury carousel ride which can accommodate 24 riders at a time, and another is an electric trackless train which is customized according to the country theme. The customer felt quite pleased with our high-quality amusement park rides as well as the considerate service. Finally, he expressed his intention to further cooperation in the future.

Beston customized trackless train price
Customized Electric Trackless Train in Guyana

24 seats grand fairground carousel for sale
24-seat Top-transmission Carousel Ride in Guyana

Regular Client in Guyana  – New Demand

Our customer who lives in Trinidad and Tobago has strong strength. He has a park with a large area and has been operated for many years in Guyana. In the end of 2021, he planned to upgrade the park and update some amusement equipment. So, he began to look for a reliable manufacturer and supplier online.

As he has purchased some park rides a few years ago which made him very dissatisfied. Thus, when he was surfing on Google, he was very cautious and collected a large amount of information about different amusement rides manufacturers. Beston is standing out among those manufacturers and suppliers because of better reputation. Therefore, the client in Guyana emailed us on our website and told us his demands.

Beston Carousel Ride and Trackless Trains in Guyana

In order to attract more passengers for his park, he chose the amusement equipment which are fairly popular and has a large capacity. Our professional sales manager sent them many photos and videos which sells well in the market for him to choose from. Of course, considering all factors including the park, local culture and customs, passengers’ preference, etc. our sales manager also offered some suggestions for reference. After a period of communication, he finally select the 24-seat grand carousel ride and a customized electric trackless train from our catalog. If you want to know more details about other carousel rides and trackless train produced in Beston factory, please feel free to contact us here!

Locomotive of trackless mall train for sale
Trackless Trains – Locomotive

Locomotive of trackless train rides for sale
Trackless Trains – Wagons

Seat of electric trackless train
Trackless Trains – Seat

Customized Trackless Train for Sale in Guyana

As for trackless train, it is powered by electric and can carry passengers running in the park as a transportation. Beston has small, medium and large trackless train with 16, 27 and 40 seats, which also can be customized according to different themes, capacities, colors, logos, etc. As for this electric trackless train, Beston customized it according customers’ requirements. It is more in line with Guyana’s country flag theme. It has one locomotive and four wagons and can hold 16 persons. Here are photos and parameters:

customized electric trackless train manufacturer
Beston Customized Trackless Train in Guyana

Technical Parameter 16 Seats Trackless Train
Structure 1 locomotive + 4 Wagons
Locomotive size 3.1*1.14*1.95M
Wagon Size 1.6*1.05*1.9M
Power Type Electric
Power 4KW
Speed 3-10KM/H
Capacity 4 Persons / Wagon, 16 Persons
Production Cycle 7-10 days of production


Upper-transmission Grand Carousel Ride in Guyana

As for the top transmission carousel ride, the driving force is often in the top. That is to say, the electric motors are often under the ceiling of the carousel ride. And, in addition to two weaknesses: the complex structure and relatively high requirements for steel, the carousel rides have many other merits: stable, lower noise, not easy to damage, with a long service life of 8-10 years, and so on.

carnival carousel for sale
Carousel Ride – Production

park carousel for sale
Carousel Ride – Installation

outdoor carousel for sale
Carousel Ride – Operation

Delivery and Installation Details in Guyana

Beston arranged the delivery in December 2021 from our factory in Xingyang City, Henan Province. Both the luxury carousel ride and customized trackless train has been tested for many times before leaving Beston factory.

And the installation cycle is two weeks, which are guided by our after-service team online in whole process. We attached great importance to every detail and process during installation. After Installation and commissioning, they started to open for business. During the past three months, everything goes well and customers has earned much money and will get more profits in the near future soon.

Beston – Trusted and Reliable Manufacturer in China

It is obvious that all investors would like to find a reliable manufacturer when they are purchasing amusement rides. But they have no ideas what to consider or which to choose. As a professional manufacturer, Beston not only is a factory with comprehensive workshops and produce various amusement park rides, but also offers different park solutions for our customers to make their project can achieve success in a shorter time.

Beston Park Solution – Product Customization

customized electric trackless train manufacturer


amusement electric trackless train rides for sale


Besides, Beston has exported our amusement equipment to more than 100 countries and areas, such as Indonesia, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malaysia, and so on. And we have offered 300+ park solutions in more than 80 countries. Among them, 80% of customers sent us positive feedback. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact Beston, a reliable manufacturer in China!

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