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.Welcome to Beston,this page shows and sell all kinds of kids amusement rides and funfair rides for sale with high quality and reasonable price. You will be surely to find a perfect children small amusement ride here which suit for your need. (Contact us and leave your message on your desired rides ,our experienced engineers will provide you with sound and practical advice freely!)

Beston’s children amusement rides

I. Carousel class equipment

Movement characteristics: cockpits are mounted on a big wheel or on the arms around the vertical axis. When the equipment begin to run, cockpits will rotate around the vertical axis, sometimes, the whole movement have a slight swing. Such kids’ equipment on Beston include: kids carousel, kids swing ride,

Mini carousel

\ Diameter: 4m
Height: 2.8m
Power: 2.2KW
Voltage: 220V

Capacity: 6 persons
Music format :MP3(you can input your favorite songs through USB DISK)
Material: fiberglass cups, steel structure
Players    :adults & kids ( it’s a family games)

►When the mini carousel start operating coming with pleasing music and colorful flash lights, horses swing forth and back, up and downs, meanwhile whole rides rotation, so lovely and pretty.

►Mini carousel modeling is sample, there is a pillar in the center, 6 pcs little horses around it, flash lights are installed, various patterns decoration, lifelike palace cornices, lively pretty horses, stainless steel support, when these classical component combined, how wonderful image.

Children  Flower and Bee Tea Cup

\ Cup: 4/6 cups
Height: 248cm
Total capacity: 12/24 passengers
Power: 4KW/380V/60hz
Area required: 6*6m
Music format :MP3(you can input your favorite songs through USB DISK)
Material: fiberglass cups, steel structure
Players    :adults & kids ( it’s a family games)

►This Children games Flower and Bee Tea Cup is hot sale and new designed, most attractive especially for kids and teenagers. The fiber glass covers and seats are decorated with automobile paint, then put in baking finish house, so the color is bright and vivid.

► The cups revolute. And rotate automatically, at the same time, passengers are free to adjust the speed of the coffee Cup rotation, 360 degree rotation, and you will feel a sense of great pleasure.

Boonies Bears mini tea cups ride

\ Area: 6m
Height: 3.2m
Passenger: 24
Power: 3.5kw
Voltage: 380v
Music format :MP3(you can input your favorite songs through USB DISK)
Material: fiberglass cups, steel structure
Players    :adults & kids ( it’s a family games)

►Playground Equipment Boonies Bears king of the forest is a level ground track rotation type rides. The first product Boonies Bears king of the forest park is based on a small bee changes upgrade, it relies on the technical characteristics of mature bees park.

►Boonie Bears king of the forest is a pleasure for the whole family of devices, when a man sitting in the cockpit, it is like being Xiong Xiong two hug feeling in his arms.

Kids rides swing chair

\ Power: 4KW/220V/380V
Equipment height: 3.5m
Area required :4.5*4.5m
Chairs static height: 0.4m
Chairs dynamic height :1.02m
Run :rotating
Material :fiberglass cockpits, steel frame
Speed :8-12r/min
Players :adults & kids above8 years olds
Package :bubble paper and plastic film
Delivery time :20days after got 30% deposit
Name: Kids rides swing chair

►This awesome swing ride will hold 15 children. This ride will be sure to make fun on fairs, carnivals, corporate events, or private parties to make one to remember!

►The Kids Mickey Mouse Swing fairground ride is great fun for all ages. The ride chairs swing sideways as the speed increases. With a capacity of up to 15 at a time, this ride is sure to keep the lines moving and the crowd entertained.

Kids parachute themed Chair-o-planes

\ Power: 60kw
Voltage: 220V/380V
Area : D=16m
Height: H=5.8m
Seats: 30
Load : 200kg/per ride
Running Time: 1-5 min adjustable
Speed: 1.8m/s
Type: swing
Light: LED lights
Audio Format: MP3
Delivery time :20days after got 30% deposit
Name: Kids rides swing chair

►Built in the 1990s, our traditionally decorated Kids parachute themed Chair-o-planes are still popular with both adults and children. So they can bring fast profits in very short time, most clients can get their money back within 2 weeks.

►Amusement park rides  parachute themed chair o plane for sale has cute and beautiful appearance and it’s loved by kids and young people. Passengers sit in the vertical hanging chair, rising slowly into the sky along with the rotation of turntable

Kids mobile twister Swing Ride

\ Main characters: portable or mobile
Power: 60kw
Voltage: 220V/380V
Area : D=16m
Height: H=5.8m
Seats: 30
Load : 200kg/per ride
Running Time: 1-5 min adjustable
Speed: 1.8m/s
Type: swing
Light: LED lights
Audio Format: MP3
Delivery time :20days after got 30% deposit
Name: Kids rides swing chair

►Twister Swing Ride – another popular amusement park attraction. Equipped with 10 swing seats able to hold up to 30 chidren /20 adults,this ride is sure to keep the lines moving and the crowd entertained. everyone can enjoy a ride as the Twister Swing go up and around!

►Twister Swing ride is a circular swing ride. As the speed increases, the seats swing out towards the fencing.With an appeal to all ages a carnival ride is something different that can supercharge your next event.

II. Kids’ rides based on rail:

Movement characteristics: the vehicles itself are without power, they are elevated to a certain height by a lifting device, then coast along the track under gravity; Or the vehicle itself has power, running on the undulating track.

Such kids’ equipment on Beston like: Kids’ roller coaster, crazy mouse, slide long, sweeping into meniscus Speed, mining vehicles.

Kids amusement train ride

\ Capacity: 12seats
Area required: Diameter 6m
Weight: 1.5t
Power: 5kw
Delivery time :20days after got 30% deposit
Name: Kids amusement train ride

►Train amusement ride/Electronical train ride is a new type amusement equipment, which drives on the interchange track. It consistsof 4 or more beautiful-shaped cars of different styles.

►This electric train has two motors, one is under the first cabin; one is under the third cabin. The track is round or ovalIt is widely used in amusement park ,shopping centre ,sports ,residental zone ,themeparks and ect.

Kids small Wacky Worm coaster ride

\ Area: 12*18m(it can be customized according to your size)
Passenger number:14 persons
Track Length: 65m
standard equipment:6 cars, with another lovely  models(can be customized)
track:customize track

►The slide worm is a kind of mini train amusement equipment. It adopts to high quality glass fiber reinforced plastic and correction resistance, high stability and reliable.

►The Wacky Worm coaster is designed for the whole family. This two level family roller coaster is a great way for the entire family to enjoy the carnival. This brightly painted worm, surrounded by flower cup lights, is a charming addition to the Midway.

Kids mini  Roller Coaster ride

\ Track top height: 2.4m
Power: 8KW
Voltage: 380V
Cabin No.: 8
Capacity: 16 persons
Delivery time :20days after got 30% deposit

►Kids Roller Coaster is a new type of entertainment facility which drives on the interchange track. It consists of different styles and looks so much like mighty fleet of sports cars. Each driver runs at the same time along the track direction of automatic steering.

►This roller coaster for kids is the newest one of our company and it is very popular in the market. Investing in this project makes a large profits for the investors. We would like to cooperate with who want to earn money and find our agents.

Kids happy spray ball car ride

\ power: 4kw
volt: 380v
load : 50HZ
area : 5*2
persons:  5.5*5.5m
Delivery time :20days after got 30% deposit

►Happy spray ball car is one of the most traditional rides. However, which has been a must for parks at present. It is a perfect equipment for children, kids and mother can play together.

►The equipment breaks up the single way of traditional track series, passengers not only can rotate along the track, but catch the balls with hand or net.

III. Self-control type aircraft equipment:

Movement characteristics: On this type of kids’ equipment rides, cockpits are installed in the swiveled arms. Passengers seated on the cockpits often rotate around the central axis and do the lifting movement Beston’s self- control rides:

\ Capacity:     8P
Type:     Kiddie Rides
Power:     1.2Kw
Space area:     6x6m
Power     3KW
Voltage     380V
Speed     6-8rpm
Material:     FRP&Galvanized Steel
Delivery time :20days after got 30% deposit

Quite Simple to operate, safe for kids. Comfortable and stylish coach. Beautiful lighting with great sounds. Rotation operated by console on scheduled time. After start-up, all cockpits go round uniformly, rise and fall. The usual run time is 3-5 mines, tuning if necessary.
It’s suit for theme parks, amusement parks, playgrounds and tourist attractions, etc. Better to choose the place of dense population to operate, deal with other facilities together, and maintain the equipment regularly.

IV. Ferris wheel-type kids rides:

Movement characteristics: Cockpits are rotating around the horizontal axis or just playing pendulum movement. The representative of such equipment is kids Ferris wheel and mini pirate ships.

\ Height:6/7m
Diameter: 6m
Cabin No.:  5
Power: 5KW
Capacity: 10 persons
Voltage: 380V
Delivery time :20days after got 30% deposit

Small ferris wheel, as a type of ferris wheels have long been popular attractions at fairs, amusement parks and theme parks, and have taken on many different forms. kids ferris wheel made in Beston are Available in many sizes from children’s size to giants, the rides have also featured varied styles of gondolas to reflect a theme or offer a unique ride experience. As a kind of sightseeing car,it is popular in kids. the rotating speed and the number of seats can be set according to your request. it can be set in outdoor but also indoor because its covered area.

To select children’s equipment rides for your amusement business, you
should consider the following aspects:

1. The model of amusement equipment:
Beautiful appearance, colorful lights and the beautiful music is the first element of attracting for customers both kids and their parents, giving customers a good impression at the first look so as to let visitors become your customers, the model of the ride also need to have a certain meaning. For example, sometimes people will come because that the particular meaning of the ride will bring good luck to them, and they will continue to try, and then to become your stable customers.
2. The quality of kids’ equipment:
To ensure the normal operation of the kids’ ride, quality is the most basic thing. If an accident happens when customers are playing the ride, this will certainly affect the mood of customer. They will think your product is not good, so you will lose some of the old customers. In order to attract long- term customers, you must convince customers to have a confidence on your amusement equipment.
3. Painting effect of kids’ ride:
The painting effect must be fresh! Only the automobile paint can achieve such an effect. If the painting craft is bleak, rough, it will sure to fade when exposed to the weather within six months. The decorations of a kids’ amusement equipment lie on the glass and steel parts, so this part must be refined and bright.
4. The manufacturer’s qualification:
If a factory doesn’t have qualification for production and the corresponding documentation procedures, then the products you are buying is a no “identify” products. It will be a difficulty for you to pass your countries annually amusement equipment examination.

As for the quality of kids’ equipment,  Beston must particularly stress:

A good equipment generally includes two aspects:  Firstly, the thickness of the steel sheet. This is something beneath the surface of the cover, and are often overlooked by many new entrants. Safety is the key in children adventure playground. So, without a stable solid framework, how to talk about security? Secondly, the quality and life of the motor. You may saw some kids amusement rides on kids’ playground are not moving for a long time, of course, they are alive when they are brought into the park at beginning, but just for few mouth, then they were broken. Owner may called the manufacturer to repair a few times, but the manufacturer also lost confidence completely. But you don’t worry about Beston’s kids amusement rides, because all the rides we made are adopt superior motors, and the   warranty time last for two years!

Brief introduction of kids’ amusement equipment rides:

Kids amusement ride that feature sunlight, health, educational, recreation is often very popular among both children and parents. Good kids amusement rides integrate teaching with tourism and fun, letting children grow up healthy in joy. Nowadays, property developers has always joined the adventure playground  for kids on the construction planning of communities, shopping malls,  supermarkets and shopping centers and other activities. Those services are mainly for children. Children can exercise their body and at the same time enjoy the joy of childhood, so the children amusement playground has played a dual positive effect. Kids’ playground equipment is classified according to the structure and motion form. Equipment that has similar structure and motion form will be grouped into one kind. Based on the current children’s amusement facilities, it is divided into 8 categories: carousel, swing ride, self-control plane, roller coasters, Ferris wheel, small train, bumper cars.

What are the advantages of running children’s small amusement equipment?

Amusement equipment can be divided into different types based on the volume of amusement equipment rides: large, medium and small equipment and so on.  Among them the large-scale amusement equipment takes larger space and the cost is relatively higher, while running a small children’s amusement equipment will be more obvious in economic advantages. Now, Beston will give a presentation to tell the specific advantages of running a small amusement equipment:

1. Compared to the large equipment, kids’ small funfair equipment have a relatively low investment cost and the cost of recovery will be relatively fast.

2. The requirement of operation sites of small children’s amusement equipment are not very high. Compared to the large equipment which take up a large- sized space, small children’s amusement equipment don’t need too much operation sites;

3. The safety index of children’s small amusement equipment is also very high. Compared with large amusement equipment, it reduce a lot of risks.

The above is the advantages of operating small amusement equipment. So you  know running children’s small amusement equipment can also make a lot of  money, come and have a look at Beston’s kids small amusement equipment right  now!(Contact us, and leave you massageabout your budget, area, customer  group, and location, our experience engineers and market planning manager  will offer you sincere advice!)

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