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Kang A Bounce Jumping Ride

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►Amusement Kids Rides Kanga Bounce is suit for amusement park, funfair parks, outdoor kids parks, children parks.

►Maintain the playground equipment regularly and operate the rides correctly.

kang a bounce jumping ride
kang a bounce jumping ride

Material: FRP&Steel
Size: Dia7m*H3.5m
Capacity: 16 seats
Power: 13Kw
Voltage: 380V
Speed: 4 rpm
Space area: 7*7m

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Overview Of kang a bounce

►kang a bounce, also known as Happy Kangaroo,Kang’a’bounce, is an attractive rotating type amusement equipment due to its cute cartoon image and unique play experience.

►Kanga bounce ride is simulating of a kangaroo in nature. Decorated with cool FRP cockpit in Kangaroo design,painted with bright color and installed with bright LED lamps, this Happy Kangaroo ride is as fun to watch as it is indeed to ride.

►The passengers in the jumping kangaroo chairs are just like in the giant kangaroos’pocket, experiencing the rotating and ups and downs with the equipment running, which creates great thrill and infinite fun for passengers.

►Beston kang a bounce ride is a classic family ride, equipped with 8 cockpits, 2 seats for 1 cockpit, and 16 seats in total, all cockpits not only rotating along with the whole rides, but also bounce by automatic process.

►This attraction is more suitable for whole family members to ride and enjoy the happy family time together. The whole designs in updated cartoon figures and colorful painting make the riders, especially the kids play merrily and enjoy great happiness.

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