Indoor Fun Center Installation in Saudi Arabia

An indoor fun center has been finished installation in Saudi Arabia in March 2022. There are three kinds of indoor amusement rides offered by Beston Amusement: Snow Indoor Playground Equipment, Mirror Maze, and Climbing Wall. Especially the indoor playground equipment, Beston customized the colors and design to match the customers’ logo, and our customer felt very satisfied.

Indoor Fun Center in Saudi Arabia

Name Avalanche Riyadh Snow park
Address Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Main Products 150 m² Snow Indoor Playground Equipment, 150 m² Mirror Maze, Climbing Wall (5 m *15 m)
Delivery time September 26th, 2021
Arrival time October 26th, 2021
Port Qingdao to Dammam
Project status in operation

How We Serve Our Customer?

When the customer is searching online for new opportunity for their business, Beston stands out among so many amusement rides manufacturer and supplier online because of the unique design of snow theme indoor soft playground. The theme is very consistent with their indoor fun center.

soft indoor playground equipment
Snow Indoor Soft Playground in Saudi Arabia


After communicating with each other for a period of time, our sales manager show the attractive indoor playground equipment and park design ability and convince our customer about our strength. Finally, they choose our company, and we help them set up the indoor fun center in Saudi Arabia.

How We Help Our Customer?

  • Color Customization: In order to match customer’s logo, we change the whole design and colors. We neglect the challenge and try our best to solve the problem by adopting UV printing with complicated processes, which leave a good impression to our customer.
  • Delivery: As for the delivery, although there are many difficulties of booking cargo space and the tight delivery time, our professional sales manager has made a lot of efforts to book a suitable space. At last, the goods are delivered to our customers on time.
  • Installation. Though we can not dispatch our engineer to install the equipment because of serious epidemic, we offer installation instruction in detail and online installation to help our customers.
kids indoor playground equipment for sale
Snow Indoor Playground Equipment in Saudi Arabia

kids indoor playground equipment for sale
Snow Kids Indoor Playground for Sale in Saudi Arabia


Beston Amusement – A Trusted Brand

As a professional manufacturer and supplier with a long history, our customers think highly of our company. Beston amusement are always recognized by customers because of company strength, product advantages and professional ability of solving problems. And Beston factory not only provides quality amusement park rides, but also park deign and project operation! Want to know about Beston company or Beston amusement rides for sale? Please contact Beston to send us an inquiry here now!

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