Giant Frisbee Rides

Beston giant frisbee ride with magnificent appearance, is a popular thrill rides developed by our factory. The frisbee rides combine the market demands and the advanced design concept of amusement equipment at home and abroad, which can makes the passengers feel very thrilling and exciting! It is necessary to purchase and invest in the pirate ship ride for your amusement and theme parks!
Giant frisbee rides are simple to install and operation. Considering the actual needs of transportation and installation, our giant frisbee ride adopts the PLC programming control. It makes the ride have characteristics of high technological content, lower operating cost, simple to maintain, safe, comfortable, rich return on investment, etc. Therefore, Beston giant frisbee ride can stand out among so many manufacturers and become the optimal selection to boom their business. Contact us here to buy quality frisbee rides with reasonable prices from Beston here!


Choose the Suitable Frisbee Rides to Invest

There are several types of frisbee rides available in the market now. It is important to choose the suitable frisbee ride for investors to the amusement and theme parks, which can increase the return on investment. And, in Beston, we classify the frisbee ride by different methods:
pendulum amusement park ride for sale from Beston
Giant Frisbee Thril Ride
frisbee amusement park ride to buy from Beston
Giant Pendulum Amusement Park Ride
pendulum amusement park ride supplier
Giant Pendulum Ride 360 Degree
pendulum swing amusement ride
Frisbee Ride with Attractive Lights
giant frisbee ride
Pendulum Swing Ride
giant frisbee ride for sale from Beston
Quality Pendulum Ride for Sale
By Seats By Transmission Mode By Swing Angle By Foundation By Configuration
6 seats Mini Frisbee Rides Top Transmission 90 Degree With Foundation Frisbee Ride Simple Pendulum Ride
12-seat Frisbee Rides Bottom Transmission 110 Degree Without Foundation Frisbee Ride Common Pendulum Ride
23 Seats Giant Frisbee Rides 360 Degree Luxury Pendulum Ride
30-seat Giant Frisbee Rides

Get to Know Giant Firsbee Rides

Wide Applications
Customers can frequently see Beston frisbee rides in different occasions, such as amusement and theme parks, resorts, scenic spot, square, etc.
Different Age Groups
Beston offers various frisbee rides (Giant and small pendulun rides), which can be suitable for both adults and kids: age: 14-55; Weight: 40kg-100kg; 1.4-1.9m tall, healthy.
Quality Raw Materials
In order to ensure the quality and safety, Beston selects
various materials or parts carefully, includes FRP (Light decoration and cabins) and steel structure.
Attractive LED Lights
Beston frisbee rides are always decorated with gorgeous LED lights, which can make the rides high-end and classy, and attract more visitors for parks for investors.
Protective Measures
Customers’ safety and satisfication are the eternal pursuit of our company! So, we adopt multiple protections for passengers: safety shoulder, safety belt and others.
Transition Platform
The deisgn of giant frisbee ride is considerate and humanized. For example, the transition platform can make the inspection and maintenance easier, more convenient as well as safer.
4 motors and 4 reducers
Ample motors and reducers can be supplement and guarantee for frisbee ride. And it ensures the safety and sufficient power for emergencies. And it also extends the service life.
Independent Paint Room
Beston factory with integrated workshops and prepares for the independent painting room, which can keep the painting with high finish and bright color.

8 Selling Points of Beston Giant Firsbee Rides

Eye Catching Appearance
Our frisbee ride is made of high quality FRP with beautiful appearance and the professional painting makes the color bright, which can attract lot of people.
Splendid LED Lights
It is decorated with colorful LED lights all over the arms, columnS, cockpits, the FRP decoration in the top and so on, making it more attractive and luxurious.
Extreme Thrilling
The swing angle of a giant pendulum ride can reach 110°and 360°, and the running height can be 18m or higher, which is thrilling and exciting, and suitable for thrill-seekers.
Quality Assurance
Beston pendulum rides are produced with high quality material and first-class technology, which is in line with international standard. Higher quality also means safety.
Accept Product Customization
In order to meet the local culture and customers’ demands, the lighting, colors, themes and bob-weight can be customized. Customization makes your equipment more popular.
Mature and Adanced Technology
With years of production experience, Beston frisbee ride has low failure and maintenance rate, and there is no need to worry about after-sales services.
Comfort and Safe Design
The pendulum ride seat with special design conforms to the design of human mechanics. And it is equipped with safety belt and starting pressure bar.
High Attendance Rate
Beston giant frisbee ride has high capacity and is attractive for passengers, which means quick return on investment, and also can guarantee the high profits.

Popular Locations for Giant Frisbee Ride

If conditions permit, frisbee ride can be installed any outdoor parks and slao some kiddie frisbee ride can be seen in indoor parks. So, if you have an open space available and please do not heisitate, Beston will suggest you the most sutiable park rides for you. Here is the locations where the giant pendulum amusement ride can be commonly seen on the earth:
Amusement Parks
Theme Parks
Leisure Paradise
Holiday Village
Scenis Spot
Public Square

Useful Product Recommendations from Beston

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