1100 ㎡ Forest Theme Indoor Playground Shipped to Uzbekistan

Now, a new 1000 square meters forest theme indoor soft playground has been produced, shipped, installed and operated in Uzbekistan for almost three months. The project is for an indoor fun center in a shopping mall. And Beston customize the indoor soft playground for our customers’ preference, landing situation, budget, passenger flow and so on. And our customers in Uzbekistan felt very satisfied with the indoor project. Here is the indoor park design of this indoor project:

Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan
1000 Square Meters Forest Indoor Playground In Uzbekistan – Effect Drawing


What Are Included in the Forest Indoor Playground in Uzbekistan?

According to our customers’ requirements, Beston has designed the indoor soft playground with many forest elements, which is accepted by the passengers in Uzbekistan. The indoor playground includes the sliding section, trampoline section, interactive section, ocean ball, climbing volcano, adventure development equipment, electric toy section and so on. And these elements are popular among most tourists and please check the design below:

PARK SOLUTION OF Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan
1000m2 Forest Indoor Playground Equipment In Uzbekistan


Indoor Playground Equipment Shipping to Uzbekistan

Before shipping to our customers, we will not transport the indoor soft playground equipment directly to our customers. After production, it will be installed firstly in our factory firstly to ensure that our customer can install the indoor playground equipment smoothly when they receive the equipment. What’s more, we can guarantee the safe, quick, and timely delivery for our customers. As for the delivery, Beston will strictly implement the rules of packing, loading container and shipment. Besides, we will also consider the benefits of our customers and choose the most competitive and reasonable delivery methods for our customer. In addition, the shipment to Uzbekistan is from June and July in 2022 and there are three trucks of goods. And below is some feedback:

Delivery Of Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan
Indoor Soft Playground – Steel

Delivery Of Forest Indoor Soft Playground
Loading Container

Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan -Delivery
Forest Indoor Soft Play -Delivery

Delivery Of Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan
Forest Indoor Soft Playground Material

Delivery Of Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan
Indoor Project – Loading Container

Delivery Of Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan
Indoor Playground Shipping to Uzbekistan

Installation Guidance for Forest Indoor Playground in Uzbekistan

As for the installation, there is no need for our customers to worry about it. Beston will arrange everything to help our customers install the indoor playground equipment easily and correctly. In this way, we can offer installation guidance online and offline. When we arrange the delivery of the goods, Beston will also send the foundation drawing, installation instruction and installation photos and videos to our customers. What’s more, Beston also can assign technical engineers, service team or sales manager to our customers to assist the installation. All what we do is to help our customers around the world!

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