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Flying Disk’O Ride for sale

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Beston’s Disk’O Ride And Its Variations

Beston’s Disk’O Ride has an 18 meters-long track. When the equipment running to the highest summit, it can be reach 5 meters high, which will make passengers feel a sense of flying.

Disk’O Ride

Classic Disk'O Ride for sale
Classic Disk’O Ride for sale

Item: BNDR-01
Dimension: 27*10 (m)
Track length: 18 meters
Hight: 7.5m
Tourist Capacity: 24 people
Power: 380 kw
Voltage: 220/380v
Speed : 15.3RPM

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Prominent advantages of Boston’s Disk’O Ride 1) Top quality motor ensures equipment works quietly and steadily. 2) Automotive paint baked on the cabins, never fade. And best workmanship.  3) Strong steel structure to ensure your safety. 4) CE certificate approved. 5) Beautiful appearance and amazing music.

In order to make the Disk’O Ride more thrill and fun, our designer on Beston design new Disk’O  Ride with extended waved orbit.As shown in the image below,the big disk remains the same, but  the orbit has been tansformed into ups and downs form from the beginning’s half-moon-shaped  form.That makes the ride more like a roller coaster. If you have enough space on your parks, you may consider this Crazy Surfer or updated version of Disk’O Ride.

Wavy track flying disk’O ride

Wavy track flying disk'O ride
Wavy track flying disk’O ride

Item: BNDR-02
Dimension: 37*10 (m)
track length: 30 meters
hight: 7.5m
Tourist Capacity: 24 people
power: 380 kw
Voltage: 220/380v
Speed : 15.3RPM
Weight: 11T

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On a traditional Disk’O, Mega Disk’O or Disk’O Coaster, riders sit on a circular platform with outward-facing seats. On a Skater or a Skater Coaster, riders sit on a rectangular platform with inwards facing seats. On a Surf’s up, riders stand on a rectangular platform. Regardless of the model, the ride experience is very similar. The platform moves back and forth along a halfpipe track while spinning. A Disk’O Coaster or a Surf’s Up both feature a small hill in the middle of the halfpipe.

As a state-of-the-art design, this surf’s up ride totally promises to be hit with kids and adults. It is a giant painted surfboard that spins around, while riders stand up and “surf” the swells of the track. With 20 passengers per cycle and the unique interactivity of standing up, it is sure a good choice for someone who loves exciting program.

Surf’s Up Ride

Surf's Up Ride
Surf’s Up Ride

Item: BNDR-03
Track length: 28m
Operating height: 7.8m
Diameter of turntable: 6m
Capacity: 22person
Rotate speed of turntable: 15.3r/min
Power: 45KW
Floor space  required: 10m×27m
Speed : 15.3RPM
Weight: 11T

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The smaller version of a Disk’O and surf’s up ride are exist. The most common one is a Rockin’  Tug. Rockin’ Tug is a flat ride. The ride is manufactured in both traveling and park versions. in both portable and park versions. Combining a unique combination of rocking and whirling motions, the Rockin’ Tug can accommodate up to 24 riders per cycle for a theoretical capacity of 600 passengers per hour. The Rockin’ Tug adds flash and color to any park or carnival. The rows face into the center of the ride. The ride is driven back and forth along a track shaped in a concave arc, rocking back and forth. While this is happening, the entire tugboat rotates around its center. Rockin’Tug is perfect for smaller adventurers who are ready to take on some faster moving rides.

Rockin’ Tug Rides model 3

Another smaller version of Disk’O is crazy car. Its design is based on Rockin ‘Tug, but is a smaller then the Disk’ O ride. The little sports car swiftly slides back and forth while it spins around, producing a very wobbly and woozy trip.

Flying happy car ride
Flying happy car ride

Item: BNDR-04
Voltage: 380v/50HZ
Power: 2.2kw
Timing setting range: 1-5min
Direction of rotation: Clockwise, anticlockwise
Disk rotate speed: 3-6 turn/minute
Swing Diameter: 3m
Slide speed: 6.5KM/h
Specified passengers: 8 Children Or 6 adults
Weight: 11T

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Brief introduction of Disk’O Ride

\Just like the picture on the left side, Disk’O Ride is the latest development of orbital scooter categories amusement rides. A large color disk is installed in the orbit. And many seats are installed around the disk. When the equipment begin to operate, the big disk will slid back and forth along the orbit of meniscus shape, meanwhile the disk is like a rounded flying saucer to rotate crazily from slow to fast. Movement patterns is same as the big pendulum ride. Passengers can experience the crazy sliding like roller coaster, but also experience the fun of rotation. Sometimes into the sky, sometimes rapid decline, giving passengers crazy experience of adventure, as if like wave in the sea, tourist on the equipment can experience speed, spin, stimulation and centrifugal experience.

Why the Disk’O Ride is so popular, and dose it has a bright market prospects?

Disk’O Ride is very popular amusement equipment among young people, and also is one of most popular park rides on Beston. Sitting on huge disc which is mounted with colored lights, the passengers take on the inner wall of the rotary ring seat, slowly rotate with rotary table. the appearance of luxury decoration, cheerful intense background music and all sorts of funny on  the huge disk has deeply attract tourists passing or around. As a result, made them have a tremendous participation desire, and a strong interest in watching. Disk’O Ride combines breathtaking, thrill and stimulation as a whole. If this amusement equipment is put in your park, it will sure to bring the very high popularity. Very small investment, but quick profits. Disk’O Ride can be used in any parks, theme parks, and scenic places s…the best choice for investors. And Beston amusement equipment manufacturer, with reliable quality, latest style and your affordable price is your best choice!

The above five kinds of Disk ‘O themed ride is different in shapes, capacity, occupied areas, you can choose the right one according to your need. Want more details about Disk ‘O ride? Leave us messages, we will send more information to you.

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