Macaron Theme Indoor Plagyround Installation Feedback from Kuwait

Beston finished the installation of a customized indoor soft playground equipment in purchase in the capital city of Kuwait, known as Kuwait City, on November 10th, 2022. During the whole process from design, production, delivery and installation, Beston has made a concerted effort to provide assistance for our customers in Kuwait. Now, the indoor playground has been open for business for a period of time and obtained desirable and positive outcomes. Contact us here to start your own indoor and outdoor projects!

customized inside playground for sale in Kuwait
Macaron Theme Indoor Playground Equipment for Sale in Kuwait


Advantages of Investing in Indoor Playground Equipment

Investing in indoor playground equipment can be beneficial for businesses as it can attract more customers, increase revenue potential, provide diversification, give a competitive edge, keep customers and children entertained for longer periods, promote repeat customers, enhance brand image, offer health and educational benefits, and provide flexibility in customization to fit any space. The followings are some benefits in details:

  • Attracting more customers: Indoor playgrounds are a popular attraction for families with young children, which can bring in more customers to your business.
  • Increased revenue: The more customers you attract, the more revenue you can generate.
  • Diversification: Adding an indoor playground to your business can diversify your offerings and attract new customers.
  • Competitive edge: If your competitors don’t have an indoor playground, it can give you a competitive edge.
  • Longer customer stays: An indoor playground can keep customers and their children entertained for longer periods, increasing the time and money they spend at your business.
  • Repeat customers: Families are likely to return to your business if they know there is an indoor playground for their children to enjoy.
  • Enhanced brand image: Providing a fun and safe indoor play environment can improve your brand image and reputation.
  • Health benefits: Indoor play can encourage physical activity, which is beneficial for children’s health and development.
  • Educational benefits: Indoor playgrounds can offer educational opportunities for children to learn and explore.
  • Flexibility: Indoor playground equipment can be customized to fit any space, making it a versatile option for businesses of all sizes.

Details of Indoor Project in Kuwait

Our customers on Alibaba contacted us with their initial requirements on June 13, 2022. Then we agreed on a macaron theme indoor soft playground which is also cosplay theme and popular among children of different ages. And we customize the indoor playground according to our customers’ landing sites, budget, demands and preference. Here are some photos of the indoor playground solution:

indoor play area equipment for sale in Kuwait
Macaron Indoor Play Center Equipment in Kuwait

customized indoor playground equipment price in Kuwait
Macaron Indoor Soft Playground in Kuwait

indoor soft play equipment for sale in Kuwait
Customized Indoor Soft Playground in Kuwait


The project was based in Kuwait City and it was an indoor project. The indoor playground equipment was shipped from Qingdao and our customer received the indoor soft playground on October 19. According to the guidance of our technical and service team, the installation process was finished approximately on November 10.

 Landing site of Beston indoor project in Kuwait
Landing Sites for Indoor Project in Kuwait

packing for indoor playground for sale in Kuwait
Packing of Indoor Playground in Beston Factory

 Delivery of indoor playground for sale in Kuwait
Delivery of Beston Indoor Playground to Kuwait

Feedback of Macaron Indoor Playground Equipment Installation

After production, in order to guarantee the smooth and right installation for our customers, Beston will always install the indoor playground equipment in our factory and record the process on video. When we deliver the goods to our customers, we also send the foundation drawings, installation drawings and videos to them, which can help them in the process of installation. As an experienced investor, our customers in Kuwait were able to install the soft play equipment on their own by following the installation drawings we provided. The below are installation feedback from our customers:

Client Review of Customer in Kuwait:

Throughout the entire purchase process, Beston has created a favorable impression for our customer in Kuwait. And they trust us and think that we are skilled and efficient in our communication. What’s more, Beston will always focus on providing comprehensive service and support, eradicating customer worries. Here is the screenshot that how does our customer think of us!

Customer Review of Beston Indoor Project in Kuwait
Customer Review of Beston Indoor Project in Kuwait

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