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Drop tower ride is one of the most thrilling amusement park rides all over the world. And many people also think that it is even thriller than roller coaster. With its super thrilling characteristic, free fall tower is extremely popular among large amusement parks, fairgrounds and carnival theme parks. If you want to buy one to make your park more attractive, Beston Amusement supplies various drop tower rides for sale and will satisfy your needs.
Drop tower ride is one of the most popular amusement park ride and is the must-play program for most visitors. Therefore, purchasing a free fall ride for your park will definitely attract many passengers and will bring you many profits. In addition, it can hold about 16 person at a time, which will bring you a quick payback as well. Contact Beston for the popular drop tower ride!


Purchase Drop Tower Thrill Ride in Beston Amusement

If it is divided by height, our free fall tower can be classified into many types, including 23m, 52m and 55m amusement park drop towers. They usually appear in large amusement park, theme park, city park and scenic spots, etc. And they will become the landmarks of those places, which will increase publicity and attract more tourists as well. What’s more, Beston can customize the drop tower ride according customers’ demands on height, capacity, appearance, etc.. Beston will be always here to help you!
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Drop Tower Ride
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Drop Tower Thrill Ride
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Drop Tower Carnival Ride
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Free Fall Thrill Ride
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Free Fall Amusement Ride
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Customized Drop Tower Ride

What Are the Advantages of Beston Drop Tower Rides?

Stable and Safe Foundation
Our drop tower rides adopt fixed foundation and the quality requirements of the foundation also meet the relevant regulations of GB50204 and GB50202. Moreover, the basic size and the allowable deviation of its position also conform to the relevant requirements of GB8408-2008.
High Quality Steel
As for the production of free fall tower, steel is almost the most important material. Therefore, we choose seamless steel pipes with Q235B national standard. And seamless steel pipes are characterized by high strength, good toughness, good compression resistance and high structural precision.
CNC and Laser Cutting
The cutting process plays an important role in the subsequent processing and will influence the quality of the equipment. Therefore, we apply numerical control cutting for all the steel parts and laser cutting for some critical parts, which makes the error no more than 0.22mm.
Safety Design of Seats
On the one hand, the seat is locked with a ratchet rack. On the other hand, the seat belt is equipped with a safety detection function. Moreover, the self-locking performance is stable and reliable, so that visitors will feel safe and comfortable when riding.
Heat Treatment
In order to enhance the strength and toughness of steel, we apply heat treatment to make further processing. Therefore, the main part, such as column and support part are all heat-treated to achieve the strongest hardness and increase the service life of our carnival drop towers.
Thorough Rust Removal
Thorough rust removal plays an extremely significant role in subsequent painting and will influence the service life of free fall tower. If the rust is not completely removed, paint will easily fall off during operation, which not only affects the appearance, but also will corrode easily.
Magnetic Particle and Ultrasonic Testing
In order to check whether there are cracks or incomplete penetration at the welding surface, we will adopt magnetic particle and ultrasonic technology. The inspection can help us repair welding problem in time, so as to improve the quality of our theme park tower and extend their service life.
Exquisite Painting Technique
During the painting, the steel parts of our drop tower ride are painted five coats, including 2 coats of undercoat, 1 coat of topcoat and 2 coats of varnish. The first two layers are epoxy zinc-rich primer, the two layers of paint in the middle are epoxy intermediate paint and the final coat is fluorocarbon paint.

Why Choose Beston to Buy Drop Tower Rides?

Good Safety Performance
With national qualified parts and material, the quality and safety of our free fall tower can be guaranteed. Additionally, the seats also have two safety devices, which can ensure the safety of passengers. There’s no need to worry the safety of our equipment.
Long Service Time
The service life of amusement equipment is an important factor that should be taken into serious consideration as well. With strict material standard and exquisite technology, our drop tower rides possess long service life, which can reach almost 16 years. In that case, you can get high profits for a long time.
Ex-factory Price
We establish our own factory since the establishment of Beston company. Therefore, with an independent factory, we have realized large scale production, which reduces production cost as well, wchich will help you save agent fees that should payed for suppliers.
Customization Service
If you have some customization service of the drop tower ride, you can contact our sales manager. And the design team will customize the number of seats, logo, color and lights for you. As a result, your free fall ride will be a unique one and attract a number of passengers for you.
One Year Warranty Period
After purchasing, we will provide you with a one-year warranty. During the warranty period, we will provide free accessories for damages caused by product quality problems. Therefore, you needn’t to worry about the after sales service at all.
Installation Service
After you purchase our free fall tower, we will send professional engineers to install or provide installation guidance for you. In addition, detailed installation pictures, videos and manual will be also delivered to you to help the installation of the tower amusement ride.
One-stop Service
After you contact us, we will arrange a sales manager who is totally responsible for your product selection, production process feedback, transportation and after sale services. It will offer you a quite comfortable and convenient purchasing experience.
Operation Training Service
After you receive our drop tower ride, we will arrange our engineer to offer operation training for you operators. In that case, the operators are not only quite familiar with the operation steps, but also ensures the safety of passengers.

Park Project with Drop Tower Rides from Beston

There are various kiddie and thrill rides in our factory to support our customers to skyrocket their park project around the world. If you want to start your park business, please do not hesitate to contact Beston! It will always grasp many visitors’ attention in many places, such as big outdoor parks, city parks, resort, downtown square, scenic spot, carnival and so on.
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Other Park Rides to Match the Drop Tower Rides

Beston manufactures and provides carious quality amusement park equipment to parks around the world. As an unqiue thrill ride, the drop tower rides can be matched with many other amusement park rides, which has a high return on investment. Many investors choose to invest it with many other rides, such as pirate ship ride, frisbee rides, carousel rides, trackless trains and so on.
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