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As a popular spinning and gyro-type amusement rides in the market, disco tagada ride is famous for its ability to generate revenues as well as the prominent advantages. Because it covers a smaller area and can load more passengers, many investors tend to choose this rides for their parks. What’s more, Beston offers quality tagada rides with different capacities and themes.
Beston Amusement is always leading the trends of amusement industry, and disco tagada rides have attractive appearance, innovative and unique design, high-quality and so on. In addition, a variety of product appearance customization and streamline LED lights make tourists indulge in pleasures without stop at night and day. Moreover, during the operation, the rides can make the passengers unable to stand firmly and stimulate their challenge by different motions, such as emergency stop, the rapid change of speed, swing up and down, etc. Please feel free to contact us to buy quality disco tagada ride here!


Quality Disco Tgada Rides in Beston Factory

Check the photos below and get to know which types of disco tagada rides are suitable for your investment. Beston manufactures various disco tagda rides and at the same time, we can customize the tagada ride to satisfy investors’ demands and local market.
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Main Parts of Beston Disco Tagada Ride

The tagada ride is made of FRP and steel, which has innovative design and colorful decorations to attract more visitors, making it more popular.
Interior Cabins
The cabins are made of fully enclosed soft materials, include the cabin backrest and it can protect the passengers from being hurt when the tagada ride is spinning.
Air Compressor
We use KAMPS 15kw screw compressor for the disco tagada ride, enjoying global service. And it is convenient for investors to maintain and replace this part.
Main Engine Steel Frame
The frame for the main engine is made of national standard grade A steel, and the steel has features of high quality, longer service life, safer, and so on.
Control System
Beston adopts the PLC full computer touch screen for disco tagada ride; manual or automatic interconnection and it is simple to operate for operator.
Safety Measures
Beston disco tagada rides have the protective pads and colored sponges and this can ensure the safety of passengers in the tagada ride.
Acousto-optic System
As for the popular tagada ride, the colorful light and high-quality sound are a strong attraction for tourists, which can make it have higher attendance rate.
Steering Bearing
Beston tagada ride is equipped with steering bearing which is a special double row tapered roller bearings for trains, which is flexible and quality guaranteed.

Why Choose to Buy Beston Tagada Ride?

Quality FRP Material
Beston adopts high-strength fiberglass reinforced plastic, which are corrosion resistant, aging resistant and deformation resistant.
Innovative Appearance
Beston tagada ride has splendid LED lights, colorful colors and unique design, making it more attractive for tourists in the parks.
Parts from Famous Brand
As for the main parts of tagada ride, such as motor and air compressor, we choose from famous brand, which can prolong the service life and save maintenance costs.
Thrilling & Fun Experience
Under the strong centrifugal force, passengers in the tagada ride can spin, shake and swing with the cabin at a high speed. It can bring riders with unexpected and thrilling experience.
Product Customization
Product customization is available in Beston and we have customized different types tagada rides for our customers’ according to their demands for theme, color, appearance, etc.
Comfortable and Safe
The seats of disco tagada ride are wrapped with soft PU considerately, which is comfortable for riders to sit. What’s more, it can avoid them from being hurt.
Quick Return on Investment
Tagada rides are popular for both kids and adults in parks with large capacity. Beston offers the rides with competitive price and can bring a quick payback for investors.
Lower Maintenance Cost
Beston supplies tagada rides with advanced technology and quality materials and there is no need for them to maintain it frequently, which can save the maintenance costs.

Where Disco Tagada Ride Can Be Applied?

Many investors choose to invest in amusement business and have no idea what to invest in. According to their landing or sites, disco tagada ride can be their optimal selection because of its high attendance rate and thrilling experience. As a popular park rides for thrill-seekers, tagagda ride can be widely seen in indoor fun centers (mini tagada ride) and outdoor amusement and theme parks.
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Indoor Parks

Product Recommendations from Beston Amusement

When you are starting a new project or planning to upgrade your park equipment, you can contact Beston for help. Beston is always here to support you and can offer you useful suggestions of various other park rides in Beston including the disco tagada rides. Beston also can offer you ideas or suggestions about park solutions or project operations. Feel free to contact Beston for product lists and other supports here!
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