Customized Fiberglass Pirate Ship Ride in Kazakhstan

Beston 24-seat customized pirate ship ride has been installed and operated successfully in a famous park in Almaty in Kazakhstan. As for the pirate boat ride, Beston has customized the appearance and color of the ride for our customers, which are according to their requirements. Customer feels satisfied with product customization and it makes the pirate ship ride more attractive in the park. Below is the design of the customized pirate ship ride for customer in Kazakhstan. Please contact us here to get your own product customization and other park solutions now!

Customized amusement park pirate ship ride for sale in Kazakhstan
Design of Beston Customized Pirate Ship Ride


customized swinging boat amusement park ride in Kazakhstan
Customized 24-seat Fiberglass Viking Boat Ride in Kazakhstan


Project Details in Kazakhstan

As soon as we received the message (customer sent an inquiry on my website when searching online) from our customer in Kazakhstan, our professional sales manager began to communicate with him. After communication, we found that this regular client has bought a set of 36 seats chair swing ride and several units of electric go carts from our factory about three years ago. Besides, we have visited the park for three times. Because of the high quality and attractive appearance, he decided to purchase the pirate boat ride directly from Beston factory.

The project is in Кок тобе, a famous park in Almaty, Kazakhstan and the swing ride and go carts in the park were also purchased from Beston. The iron-made pirate ship ride in the park which was bought from another supplier in China has been used for a long time. Our Customer sold the old one and planned to buy a brand-new pirate boar ride to replace it. Therefore, he got in touch with our company.

Beston Customized Pirate Boat Ride for Sale in Kazakhstan

Initial Needs: In order to upgrade the park equipment, at the beginning, he had a clear purchase intention – buy a brand-new and more beautiful pirate boat ride for the park. He hoped the pirate ship ride can attract passengers’ attention at a glance.

Final Needs: During communication, we got to know that he had no interests about the regular pirate ship ride. Then we communicated with the customers’ customization requirements about the pirate ship ride, which referred to customer’s preference, local culture and also passengers’ preference, etc. After a period of communication, we finally reached an agreement on purchasing the 24 seats customized fiberglass pirate ship ride. The ride was designed according to our customer’s requirements.

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Customized Viking Ship Amusement Ride in Kazakhstan


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Customized Swinging Ship Ride for Sale in Kazakhstan


Product Customization: Except for the appearance and color, we also customized the platform and ticket lobby for the pirate ship ride. And the colorful and splendid LED lighting can make it more bright and grand. And the unilateral swing angle can be up to 450, and this can increase the thrilling experience for thrill-seekers. As the design drawing came out, customer in Kazakhstan felt quite satisfied with the color and product appearance. Because of the trust to Beston, he asked our sales manager to make the contract, and signed the contract and placed the order directly.

Delivery and Installation of Viking Ship Ride in Kazakhstan

Delivery: After the no load, partial load, full load test, the pirate ship ride left the factory and was transported by train from Xi’an in March 2022. And it arrived to Almaty, Kazakhstan in April 2022.

Installation: As for the installation, generally, Beston will dispatch engineers to the local site to arrange the installation. And as for this time, we sent the installation drawings and installation instructions to guide the installation. Besides, our engineers also guided the installation by online video conference. The whole installation time was about one week.

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Feedback of Customized Pirate Boar Ride in Kazakhstan


Customer Feedback and Reviews from Kazakhstan

After it has been installed and operation for a period of time, our customer felt very pleased with the quality, usage, popularity and our service. He has recommended Beston to all people he knew. He believed that Beston is a reliable manufacturer and would like to purchase other amusement equipment again in the future. Beston is also looking forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relation with him to achieve win-win cooperation.

Customized pirate ship ride manufacturer
24 Seats Customized Fiberglass Pirate Ship Ride in Kazakhstan

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Except for the product customization, Beston also can offer other types of park solutions, such as park design, indoor fun center design, lighting project, and so on. Besides, we also can provide project investment and analysis, park operation, etc. Please leave your demands in details about which type of park solutions do you prefer and information about your park project, Beston will supply you the suitable and profitable solutions as soon as possible!

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