Compound hotel project in Nigeria Built by Beston

Compound Hotel Project in Nigeria

Do you still hesitate about product quality, service, or park project building process of Beston? Check to hear what our customer in Nigeria said about us. Beston is a trustworthy enterprise in China, and we will never let you down!
Hello, I am CEO of Vinmilan Hotel & Resort in Nigeria. I want to share my experience about building an outdoor park and purchasing amusement equipment from Beston! Both the park solution and all park rides are from Beston. Now it has been in operation without any problems for more than one year. For now, I have no regret to deal with Beston! I would like to cooperate with Beston or recommend Beston to my friends in the future. Thanks for all your good support!
Beston park project in Nigeria

How Does Beston Cooperate With Our Customer?

Beston sales manager to help customers
How About the Project & How to Select Product?
Project Overview: The project started from November 2022 and one of our regular customer sent us a message on WhatsApp and said his customer wanted to buy some amusement equipment. After communication, we got to know he planned to invest in an 1800 square meters park project near his hotel and resort. Then, the cooperation began.
Customer Demands: The CEO of the compound hotel sent us a catalog about what they needed. After checking the catalog, we found that the park rides that selected are no longer popular nowadays.
Product Recommendation: In order to achieve win-win cooperation, David (our sales manager) recommend some new and popular rides, such as kiddie ferris wheel, disco rides, etc. And we also sent some photos and videos for him as a reference.
Final Demands: Park project with 7 sets of Beston park rides: carousel ride, swing ride, space walking ride, fruit worm roller coaster, self-control kiddie plane ride, disco ride, and kiddie ferris wheel.
Compound Hotel Park Design in Nigeria
How to Confirm the Park Solution?
1800 m² Compound Hotel Park Design: We designed the park solution according to the final product demands as well as the land situation. And our client confirmed the park solution within one week.
Serve Our Customer Seriously: In order to provide the optimal project solution and satisfy all our customers’ requirements, we have changed the park design more than 4 times. We always attach great importance to efficiency and quality when serving our customers.
Beston’s Park Solution Superiority: Besides quality products and excellent service, we also offer park solution and project operation for our customers. Most importantly, Beston is expert in park solution, including park design, fun center design, product customization and park supporting. Contact us to start your project right now!
wleding of amusement park rides production
How to Produce and Test Amusement Rides?
• Production: The total production time is 45 days in our factory. And Beston factory has integrated workshops with lean manufacturing process and exquisite workmanship, which can ensure the product quality. If necessary, customers can visit our factory and we can stand any test.
• Rust Protection: We not only sell products and service, but also we sell good reputation and trust. We can do better than expected. For instance, because of the rainy weather in Nigeria, we suggest all waterproof treatment and new spray-painting technology to make the product last longer.
• Factory Visit: Because this is the first cooperation and there is no enough trust, he sent an agent to visit the factory and held a video conference in the factory. Through our constant efforts, we finally won the trust from our customer.
• Indispensable Product Test: In order to guarantee the product quality and passengers’ safety, all amusement equipment must be tested for many times before leaving our factory. And it took ten days to test all products for our customer in Nigeria.
amusement park equipment installation
How About the Installation and Delivery Process?
• Transportation Cycle: We arranged for the sea transportation because of cargo safety and freight saving for our customers. The cycle is about two months.
• Force Majeure: Due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, we had to close the factory and the port was also closed at the same time. We have no choice but to put off the delivery and promise to delivery all equipment as soon as possible. Thanks for our customers’ understanding.
• General Installation: In the past, we always sent our engineers to install the equipment for our customers. Besides, we also sent foundation drawings, installation instructions or videos for our customers.
• Installation in Nigeria: Affected by the epidemic, we can not fly to Nigeria and help our customers for installation. So, we tried to guide the installation online for the local technical first time. But because of unskillful handling, some spare parts were broken, and we sent some to replace for free. And Beston often make great efforts to solve all problems for our customers.
How About the Project Development?
• Project Status: Here is the status of Beston amusement park rides in the compound hotel park in Nigeria. Every equipment works well and is in a good condition. If these park rides are used normally and maintained regularly, it can run for many years.
• Project Operation: Now that a year has passed, the park project is smooth since it opened. From the picture, you can see how popular is this compound hotel park. It is obvious that this is a very successful and profitable project with broad prospects.
• Further Cooperation: We are honored that Beston park rides can bring much more happiness for passengers and make all investors achieve success. And we also hope to build a longer term cooperation with our customers. We are looking forward to visiting the park in Nigeria built by Beston and we believe it will come true soon.

What Do We Guarantee for Our Customers?

“We will always put customers’ essential needs first and try our best to do all we can to meet customers’ needs beyond expectations. We promise to provide customers with the best products, services and solutions.”

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