Client Feedback of Beston Trackless Mall Train in Chile

Last month, we have received the feedback from our regular customer in Chile and he bought our electric trackless mall trains from Beston again. This time has bought 2 sets of trackless trains (1 locomotive + 4 wagons), one trackless train with (1 locomotive + 1 wagons), and also some related parts for his business in shopping mall. Since 2018, we have cooperated with each other and the cooperation has been very smooth. Please learn more about the project here about trackless trains for shopping malls in Chile!

trackless train ride for sale
Client Feedback of Beston Trackless Mall Train in Chile


Brief Introduction About the Regular Client in Chile

Our customer in Chile contacted us to buy trackless trains for his business in Chile in December in 2018. At that time. He planned to invest in shopping malls with some amusement ride. After communication, he bought six sets of trackless mall trains for his shopping mall in 2018 and 2019. At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, they also purchased trackless trains and necessary accessories, such as chargers, pedals, etc.

Information About the Customer in Chile

  • Initial Project Time: From 2018
  • New Consultation: From May 2022
  • Client Company Name: Fun for All Spa
  • Client’s Website:
  • New Demands: trackless mall trains, indoor soft play equipment, climbing wall and so on.
  • Customer Positioning: our client is not only a middle man, but also the end customer.
carnival train for sale
Trackless Train on Customer’s Website

Climbing Wall in Shopping Mall
Climbing Wall on Customer’s Website

Project Process & Client Feedback of Trackless Mall Train in Chile

We have built a long-term business relationship with this customer. Whenever he had some demands, he selected Beston without hesitation as his ideal selection. Here are his new consulting process:

  1. During May and June in 2022, our customer in Chile contact us to buy samba balloon ride and indoor soft playground for sale in Beston for his own customer. After communication, the end customer in Chile hesitates about this investment and decide to give up.
  2. At the beginning of August 2022, the customer in Chile said that he was ready to launch a new trackless train in a new shopping mall.
  3. Then he started to negotiate with the shopping mall and sign a contract with them to get the operation permission.
  4. In the middle of August, we send the quotes about the trackless train and accessories that our customers demand.
  5. At the end of August, after we give the discount scheme to our customers, we began to confirm the PI, and then the customers paid the products.

kiddie train rides for sale in Chile


Customer in Chile – Six Reasons to Choose Beston

  • Long-term cooperation foundation and customer trust.
  • He is satisfied with the trackless trains he purchased in the past five years.
  • We provide the appropriate prices with a great discount and toolbox.
  • It is more cost-effective to buy trackless trains and accessories together.
  • We sort out the spare parts list and quotation for our customer in Chile.
  • Beston can provide our customer the best service and support.

Feedback Photos from Client in Chile

The trackless trains have been operated in the shopping mall for a period of time and the effect is just as well as the other trackless train he has purchased. It is popular in the shopping mall for children and has drawn large crowds for his business, which means it is a success to invest in trackless trains. The followings are photos from our customers which can prove his success.

trackless train amusement ride
Trackless Trains for Shopping Mall in Chile


Introduction Videos of Other Trackless Trains in Beston

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