Chair Swing Rides

Chair swing rides, a popular spinning rides and thrill rides, sell well in Beston for amusement investors. It is suitable for densely populated places and many investors choose to invest chair swing rides in their amusement parks, theme parks, squares, outdoor playgrounds, and so on. Because of high capacities and attractive appearance, it often attracts many visitors for investors, which means huge profits for them. Contact Beston to know how to invest in chair swing rides and other amusement rides!
Beston supplies different types of chair swing rides for different investors to choose from, ranging from 12 seats to 36 seats. Beston flying chair ride is made of high-quality national standard steel and environmental friendly and corrosion-resistant FRP. Though the rotating speed and height is higher than most amusement rides, there is no need to worry about the safety if you are purchasing from Beston Factory! Please contact us for this most attractive swing rides in Beston factory!


Purchase Chair Swing Rides in Beston

Chair swing ride can draw passengers for your parks and increase your revenue at the same time. It means chair swing ride can be a long-term investment for investors. Do not hesitate to purchase chair swing rides for your park. Here is various chair swing rides in Beston amusement:
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Chair Swing Ride
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Flying Chair Ride
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Carnival Swing Ride
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Shaking-head Swing Ride
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Swing Carousel Ride
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Beston Swing Ride
By Size By Configuration By Structure By Theme By Capacity
Giant Swing Ride Luxury Swing Ride Common Swing Ride Ocean  12
Kiddie Swing Ride Simple Swing Ride Shaking-head Swing Ride Romantic Sky  16
Fruit Swing Ride 24
Dinosaur 32
Clown 36

Features of Beston Chair Swing Rides

Different Categories to Choose
Common flying chair rides and shaking-head chair swing rides; Chair swing rides of different seats and themes to select from.
Loved by All Age Groups
Beston can offer Giant swing rides for adults and mini swing rides for kids. Different swing rides can meet different passengers’ demands.
Interesting Experience
Riders in the seats can swing with the chairs, just like flying in the sky, which can bring different experience for riders in the swing rides.
Feeling of Weightlessness
The chair swing rides can rotate in a higher speed and the quick spinning produces centrifugal force, which can bring weightless feeling.
Fairly Thrilling
The spinning chairs spin and rise at the same time to a higher attitude. And some swing rides is more thrilling when the head shakes.
Attractive Appearance
Beston always follows the trends and constantly upgrades the structure, design or appearance of the chair swing ride to make it more attractive.
Wide Applications
As a commonly seen theme park rides, Beston chair swing rides can be installed in outdoor parks, playground, indoor fun center, and so on.
Safety Guaranteed
In order to ensure passengers’ safety, Beston swing rides have multiple security design: safety belt, safety lock, and so on.

8 Factors to Consider When Choosing Chair Swing Rides

Professional Manufacturer
Beston is a professional manufacturer with good reputation, and we offer chair swing rides with affordable prices and excellent after-sale services.
Product Quality
Beston produces chair swing ride with quality steel and FRP. And we can guarantee the product quality. Quality means longer service time and safety.
Beston offers a one-year warranty for chair swing rides and all other rides, which can save time and money for investors. We believe in our quality and workmanship.
Competitive Price
You’d better pick the most affordable quote among so many manufacturers. Beston can help you purchase quality chair swing ride at reasonable price.
Various Types to Choose
Beston offers different chair swing rides with or without shaking head: various capacities and themes. Choose the suitable one for your park.
Customization Available
Beston, as a professional manufacturer, can customize the swing rides to satisfy customers’ demands including themes, sizes, colors, logo, etc.
After-sales Support
Beston can guarantee timely responses, rapid delivery, remote assistance, on-site commissioning, installation instruction, project operation, etc.
Project Solution
Beston not only can offer top quality amusement rides for customers, but also can manage the project solution with high revenue and quick return.

Wide Applications of Chair Swing Rides

As an attractive spinning rides, chair swing rides is commonly seen in many locations, such amusement and theme parks, city parks, outdoor playground, carnivals, and so on. Check the followings for more details:
Theme Parks
Amusement Parks
City Park
Children’s Park
Leisure Resort

Selection of Profitable Beston Park Rides

A profitable park solution should accommodate different types of amusement rides, such as thrill rides, kiddie rides, spinning rides, indoor rides and so on. It can attract more passengers, which can produce more profits. Contact Beston if you have any demands
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