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amusement park design in Indonesia

Zoo Park Amusement Park Design in Indonesia

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of an outdoor amusement park project tailored for our esteemed Indonesian clients. Designed and produced by Beston Rides, this innovative venture seamlessly integrates outdoor entertainment with zoo and natural elements, offering a diverse array of attractions that promise an unforgettable experience for visitors. With our strong local … Read more

Project solution for Chile park

Outdoor Park Project Solution for Chile Client

Great news! The comprehensive outdoor amusement park project in Chile has been successfully opened! Wishing our clients’ prosperity in their business. From receiving the inquiry in March 2023 to the successful installation and operation of the equipment in September 2023, the entire process took about six months. The project progressed rapidly, with a short timeline, … Read more

full size carousel for sale

68-Seater Double-Decker Carousel For Sale in Volgograd, Russia

In March 2023, Beston Rides is proud to announce the successful installation of a 68-seat double-decker carousel at Friendship Park in Baku, Volgograd, Russia. After receiving the customer’s inquiry about the double-decker carousel, we conducted further communication with the customer. The client was asked to help with the construction and development of a park in … Read more

Kiddie wild mouse roller coaster in Tambov park

Successful Delivery of Russia Outdoor Park Project

Breaking News! The outdoor park project in Tambov, Russia, commissioned by our client, has been successfully installed and is now operational. Given the scarcity of outdoor leisure facilities in the locality, the client’s investment primarily aims to provide recreational activities for local residents. Consequently, following consultations with the client, our recommended equipment for the project … Read more

Eagle Amusement Park Design

Successful Installation of Eagle Park In Nigeria

Latest news! Another of our suburban parks in Nigeria, Eagle Amusement Park, has been successfully operating for some time now. From its opening to the present, the park has been loved by many local residents. From receiving inquiries from customers in early 2021 and learning that the customers wanted to invest in a new suburban … Read more

Dream World Amusement Park Design

Park Solution for Nigeria Dream World Amusement Park

Latest news: Another outdoor amusement park project, “Dream World Amusement Park,” from our Nigerian client has been successfully installed and is now operational. The client is highly satisfied with our entire installation process and has shared numerous photos of the installation and operation. They are very pleased with our products and the ongoing services we … Read more

buy indoor soft play equipment

Successful Installation of 1189 Square Meters Indoor Playground In Vietnam

Successful Installation of 1189 Square Meters Indoor Playground In Vietnam Congratulations on the successful installation and operation of the customized indoor soft playground for sale in Vietnam! We are thrilled to report that the indoor playgrounds are open for business now, which has garnered much attention in the local city. Here are some feedback about … Read more

indoor playground for sale in Saudi Arabia

Customized Ocean Indoor Playground Equipment in Saudi Arabia

Good news for our customers in Saudi Arabia and the 1320 square meters indoor soft playground equipment has been open for business now! In accordance with the landing sites, budgets and customer’s preference, Beston has customized the indoor soft playground equipment for the Central Park Hotel in Bisha, Saudi Arabia. Planning to create a fun … Read more

indoor play area equipment for sale in Kuwait

Macaron Theme Indoor Plagyround Installation Feedback from Kuwait

Beston finished the installation of a customized indoor soft playground equipment in purchase in the capital city of Kuwait, known as Kuwait City, on November 10th, 2022. During the whole process from design, production, delivery and installation, Beston has made a concerted effort to provide assistance for our customers in Kuwait. Now, the indoor playground … Read more

PARK SOLUTION OF Forest Indoor Soft Playground In Uzbekistan

1100 ㎡ Forest Theme Indoor Playground Shipped to Uzbekistan

Now, a new 1000 square meters forest theme indoor soft playground has been produced, shipped, installed and operated in Uzbekistan for almost three months. The project is for an indoor fun center in a shopping mall. And Beston customize the indoor soft playground for our customers’ preference, landing situation, budget, passenger flow and so on. … Read more

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