As for the carousel ride price, it is quite different for various carousel rides. That is to say, the carousel ride price is determined by the different types of carousel rides you will select from our factory. In Beston, we have various types of carousel rides for our customers to choose from, such as 16 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats, even the double-decker carousel ride with larger capacities and customized carousel rides. Therefore, when you are interested in Beston carousel rides for sale, please feel free to tell us your demands. Then we will recommend some suitable carousel rides for you according to your budget as well as your requirements in details. Welcome to send us an inquiry here!
When purchasing the carousel ride, you mat concern about the adjustment of the LED lights. As for Beston carousel rides, the lights are controlled by the mainboard program. It means that the lights can not only be set as the light effect of colorful transformation, but also can be set as the European warm yellow light effect. You can set the lights according to the visitors’ preference in your park to attract more passengers.
In Beston factory, we mainly adopt the fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and steel structure to manufacture the carousel ride. What’s more, the raw materials in our factory are selected carefully and strictly controlled, which can ensure the premium quality, passengers’ safety and longer operation life. And if you want to obtain more information, please do not hesitate to contact Beston now and our professional manager will introduce to you in details.
As you know, the capacities or sizes of our carousel ride are different and Beston can manufacture and supply 16-seat carousel merry go round ride, 24 seats carousel ride, 30-seat carousel ride, and double-decker carousel ride. If you are interested in the production lead time, firstly, we will confirm your landing size and how many seats of carouse rides do you need. Our sales manager can calculate the production time according to the areas and capacities. For example, generally speaking, the production lead time of 16 seats and 24 seats carousel rides is about 20 working days.
It is well-known that carousel rides are suitable for all age groups. In general, children about one-year-old and over 70 cm can ride this merry go round carousel ride if accompanied by the adults.
The answer is absolutely yes. The carousel ride is, so to speak, the safest equipment among so many amusement equipment. At first, the running speed is gentle and mild. And the spinning of the turntable is driven by the slewing support, and the operation of carousel horses is powered by the electric motor on the crank shaft. Moreover, the failure rate of carousel ride is nearly zero.
The gear drive and the trye drive for carousel rides have different advantages, and investors should select according to their different situation. As for the motor-gear drive, the structure is more precise and it has relatively better comprehensive performance. On the contrary, the structure for motor-tyre drive is simple, but it has higher cost performance. What’s more, if the carousel rides are maintained properly and regularly, the carousel ride can have longer service life. Therefore, when choosing to buy carousel ride, you can choose the motor-gear driven carousel ride when your business lasts longer and the business location is fixed. And if your business is portable and you do not have insufficient budget, we will suggest you to buy the motor-tyre driven carousel ride.

The distance is about from 12 cm to 15 cm, which makes the riders safe and have a comfortable riding experience.
Beston produces quality carousel rides which almost has no noise. In Beston amusement, according to the structure of carousel rides, it can be classified in to two types: the upper-transmission and bottom-transmission. The upper-transmission carousel ride is running without any noise. And the transmission structure is on the upper part, which is convenient to maintain. As for the movement, it has four directions: front and back, up and down. However, the bottom-transmission carousel rides have lower noise and can only move up and down.
Of course. Beston carousel rides have SD card to store the music. If investors are planning to change the music, what they just need to do is to download the local music to the card and play it. It is fairly simple to set this.
Generally speaking, for most investors, they usually choose the clockwise spinning of carousel ride. In addition, except for some special equipment, the factory setting of our carousel rides is clockwise. Therefore, if you have some special demands, please contact us and tell us in details before customization.

As a professional manufacturer with our own factory, Beston can customize the painting pictures of carousel rides according to our customers’ requirements. And if you finally need to change the shape, we should check whether we have the ready-made FRP mold. If yes, you do not need to increase the cost. But if no, we will increase the cost of molding opening. There are various types of carousel animals in our factory and our sales manager can send the suitable photos for investors to choose from.
Yes, of course. In Beston, we can customize the color for the carousel rides. What’s more, we will provide you the design of product customization after the confirmation of your final demands. And you should pay $500 as the advanced payment to customize the color. But, do worry, we will deduct the $500 from the total sales after receiving the order.
If you are choosing to buy from Beston, please feel free to contact us the customized painting design. But the additional charges are necessary if the painting you choose is beyond the conventional process. As for the customization of Beston carousel ride structure and appearance, or what is to say the customization of the complete machine, you had better communicate with our customer service team to get the price lists.

As for the warranty service, the warranty for all our amusement rides is one year. During the warranty, if there is any non-human behavior damage, we promise to send the parts for free. Besides, we can provide better service and support to our customers. For example, after receiving your issues or feedback, our after-sales engineers will respond to our customers within five hours and provide you solutions within 24 hours. Moreover, the after-sales technical support we can supply are free f charge for life.

In the same way, Beston can offer a one-year warranty for our carousel rides. During the period of warranty, when there is any quality problem, we will be responsible for delivering the accessories for free and guiding our customers how to replace them. In order to fully protect our customers’ legal rights, we can send and deliver the accessories for our customers to replace with factory price even if the carousel ride you purchased is beyond the warranty. Please trust Beston without hesitation and we will never let you down. Until now, our single story carousel rides and double decker carousel rides have been exported to more than 20 countries, and more than 80% of these customers felt very satisfied with our carousel rides.

In general, as for carousel rides, the lights and the door handle is a little vulnerable, which should be replaced regularly.
As for certificates for carousel rides, Beston has a regular ISO, CE and other testing certificates. We also can help our customers when they need the EAC certificate that is certified locally in Russia. We can provide the relevant information to handle the certificate. At the same time, we can introduce the local certification agency in Russia to you.
When you purchase carousel rides or other amusement rides from Beston, the necessary foundation drawings, installation drawings, product instructions and other necessary information will be prepared and sent to you before delivery (including the electronic files). Due to the risk of technology transfer, we are sorry for not providing the drawings of specific design. Please forgive us!
In order to adapt to different scenes, we have designed a variety of carousel rides which are popular in the market, In general, we suggest you to choose carousels according to the local cultural features, which will better match the local tourists’ preference. Besides, investors can select carousel rides to match with the characteristics of the local business sites. In addition, feel free to contact us, and our customer service personnel can assist you with the selection, which will be more convenient.
Beston can produce and supply carousel rides with different seats and investors should select according to the passenger flow of your business. When you choose the business with fixed site, larger passenger flow, and longer operation time, you had better to choose carousel rides with larger carousel rides, such as 26 seats carousel rides, double-decker carousel rides, and so on. If so, it can ensure the better profits during the daily business or park period, or vice versa.

In order to check whether the foundation is necessary, we should confirm how many seats of the carousel rides. As for the carousel rides with 16 seats and 24 seats, there is no need for the foundation. Under the normal circumstances, what you should do is just to pour the cement concrete with a thickness of 10 mm -15 mm and bolt the carousel rides. However, the foundation is necessary for double-decker carousel rides, and we will provide the foundation drawings after placing the order.
Are you planning to invest in indoor business with carousel rides? This will be mainly determined by the height of your indoor fun center. If it is high enough to place the carousel ride for indoors, there is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, if the height is limited to about three meters, investors should remove the top umbrella of carousel ride, and then it will be available for indoor carousel rides.
As for installation, Beston has different methods to assist our customers. We can dispatch engineers to our customers to guide the installation. If it is not convenient, our technical engineers can provide the online service for installation guidance. For the support of supporting our customers around the worldwide, we will send all relevant and required information in details to guide our customers to install the carousel ride, such as installation instructions, foundation drawings, installation videos and so on. Beston will spare no effort to support our customers.

It is available to set the running time of regular carousel rides. As for the single operation time, the default factory setting is five minutes, but this is not absolute invariable. For example, during the period of lower passenger flow, operators can extend the single running time for riders or give passengers another chance to have fun, so as to attract more tourists for your business.
When we design the carousel rides, we have fully considered the convenience of operation and maintenance, which can eliminate our customers’ anxiety. When exporting the carousel rides to our customers, at the same time, Beston has attached the product manual in details, including product introduction, instructions on operation and maintenance, and so on. Even if you are not familiar with it when using for the first time, you can make it after reading the manual carefully before operation. Further more, we will be always here to serve for our customers. Welcome to contact Beston for help whenever you need us!

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