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Are you planning to purchase carousel rides for your business? Beston can be here to help you choose the most suitable carousel ride with lower price and high return. As one of the most welcomed amusement rides for kids, kiddie carousel rides are popular in different occasions, such as amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, outdoor playgrounds, indoor fun centers, scenic spot, shopping malls, even the residential areas, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us to Beston carousel rides for sale with competitive prices.
What’s more, carousel ride is always investors’ first selection when they are intending to invest in amusement industry. As we all know, carousel rides can bring extraordinary feelings to passengers of different age groups. So, many investors choose to invest in it, and it can help investors attract a lot of people for the parks, which can bring more profits from the investment. In conclusion, carousel ride is a project which is worth to invest in.


Choose to Buy Carousel Rides from Beston

There are various types of carousel rides manufactured in Beston factory with superior quality raw materials. And customers should choose carousel amusement rides according to their demands, passengers’ preference, sites, fund and so on. However, at first, you should be clear about the carousel rides category.
ocean theme merry go round carousel for sale
Ocean Theme Grand Carousel Ride
christmas grand carousel for sale
Christmas Carousel Amusement Ride
fairground carousel buy and sell
Grand Carousel Ride
carousel ride for sale
Kiddie Carousel Ride for Sale
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Fairground Carousel Ride for Sale
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Ocean Theme Carousel Kiddie Ride
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Ocean Theme Double-decker Carousel Ride
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Double Decker Carousel Ride
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Double-decker Grand Carousel Ride
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Amusement Park Carousel Ride
Beston amusement park carousel for sale
Kiddie Carousel Ride in Nigeria
By capacity By layer By positions of transmission mechanism By Theme By Fixed/Portable
Mini carousel rides (3 seats, 6 seats,8 seats) Carousel of single story Upper-transmission Carousel Ocean Fixed carousel ride
12, 16, 18, 24, 36, 68, 88 seats carouse rides Double-decker carousel ride Imitation upper-transmission Princess Portable carousel ride
Bottom-transmission carousel Crown

Carousel Ride – Material Selection and Production Process

Steel from Famous Brands
The carousel ride can be prevented from corrosion and rust after polishing by professional workers, anti rust paint and final finish.
Special Chassis
Aluminum embossing plate (8 mm thickness) has the effect of anti-skid; bamboo plywood under the plate can effectively reduce the noise.
FRP Horse
FRP production workshop; FRP thickness: 5 mm; Embedded iron parts ensure its firmness and durability. 3-5 times of painting ensures the bright and durable color.
LED Lights
The lighting are purchases from Guangzhou, which are cool and will not fade after three years of use; 100% waterproof for the rain and snow.
Beautiful Double Flying Eaves
It can be customized according to customers’ needs. And it is buckled piece by piece, which is convenient to transport and install.
Stainless Steel Handrails
There are always various patterns which is decorated on the stainless steel handrail, and it has anti-skid effect, safe and beautiful.
Wooded Floor
Pinus sylvestris and anticorrosive paint: it is featured by anticorrosive, insect proof, free of fumigation, with a service life of more than 8 years.
Center Column
The column uses steel structure as inside part, and the outside is FRP and pin-up pictures, which can be opened for maintenance.

Top Carousel Rides Manufacturer – BESTON

Easy to Install
It is convenient to install and maintain the carousel ride because of the novel shape and relatively simple mechanical structure.
Quality Materials
Materials mean quality: steel materials from famous domestic brands conforming to Chinese standard Q235B and components from first-line brand.
Eco-friendly FRP
Quality FRP in bright colors, fairly smooth and durable: three layers felts and two 191A Platinum cloth.
Three Transmission Modes
Different modes have different features. For example, the popular upper transmission grand carousel ride has smooth fluctuation and quiet operation.
Unexpected Experience
Colorful light with high-quality LED chips and the superior quality sound system, just like in a colorful and fairy tale dream.
High Cost Performance
Low maintenance cost, higher safety performance, more comfortable experience, and long service life of the equipment.
Profitable Investment
It has various models to choose with different prices; Investors choose suitable types, higher return and attendance rate, which is worth to invest in.
Customized Available
Beston offers different types of carousels for customers to choose from and customization available includes theme, color, logo, etc. Matched with different investment.

Beston Carousel Ride in Different Occasions:

Many customers choose to invest in amusement business, but they can not make a decision what to buy. Beston can show some solutions for you to refer to. For example, the below photos are carousel rides in different places and please use it as investment reference. If you need park solutions in detail, you has better contact us to start your park project!
Amusement Parks
Indoor Fun Center
Childres’s Park
Theme Parks
Carnivals or Fairgrounds
Scenic Spot
Leisure Resort

Amusement Rides Matched with Carousel Rides

A park can not have only one type of amusement rides and appropriate equipment can bring great profits. Meanwhile, there are various models of amusement rides to choose from which can invest with carousel rides, such as ferris wheel, bumper car, amusement trains, roller coasters, pirate ship rides, chair swing rides, etc..
buy trackless train from top supplier
Trackless Trains +
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Spinning Roller Coaster +
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Giant Frisbee Rides +
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Bumper Cars +
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Kiddie Plane Rides +
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Pirate Ship Rides +
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Chair Swing Rides +
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Roller Coasters +
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Ferris Wheel +
kids fun indoor playground equipment
Indoor Soft Playground +

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