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Beston, as a professional and leading bumper car manufacturer, is many investors’ first choice when choosing to invest in amusement rides. There are electric bumper cars and battery bumper cars for customers to buy from Beston. As our bumper cars are famous for high quality, professional production, unique and novel design, attractive appearance and affordable prices, many customers around the world have bought bumper cars from Beston, a reliable and highly recognized manufacturer.
Bumper cars are a profitable kiddie rides which can be applied to indoor and outdoor parks. There is no need to invest too much to start their business, which is also suitable for small business owner. Besides, there is no limit to the sites, and bumper cars can run on any smooth and flat ground, such as concrete floor or ice rink. Passengers on bumper cars can bump into each other, bringing a different thrilling feeling. As an attractive park rides, it is wise for investors to invest in bumper cars to start your business!


Different Types of Bumper Cars in Beston

Different types of bumper cars have different features and applications. Customers should be clear about the bumper car category, the characteristics, and their own demands to choose bumper cars. For instance, electric bumper cars are more thrilling than battery bumper cars, or battery powered bumper cars are rechargeable, and do not require special venues to work properly, which is convenient to install. Contact Beston to know more details!
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Comparison Between Electric and Battery Bumper Cars

Different Power Supply Methods
The battery bumper car is powered by the lead-acid battery to transmit current, while the ground grid bumper car is conductive by the floor, and the voltage is 380V.
Different Site Requirements
Battery bumper car has little requirements on the site, and it can run on any flat, cement, ceramic tiles and marble ground. However, the electric bumper car needs special floors and sheds.
Different Maximum Speed
The speed of battery bumper car is 10km per hour, while the speed of the electric ground grid bumper car is 15km per hour. So, the electric bumper car is more thrilling than the battery car.
Different Costs and Prices
Electric bumper cars require special floor and electric motor which is much more expensive than the battery in the battery bumper car. So, battery bumper car is cheaper than electric bumper car.
Different Maintenance Cost
As for investor, the regular maintenance is enough for electric bumper car and the cost is relatively low. For battery bumper car, the battery should be replaced every two years and charged every day.
Fixed or Mobile Sites
The electric bumper car is relatively fixed after it is built, but if the bumper car site is not fixed and belongs to the portable type, investors had better choose the battery bumper cars.
Suitable for Different Investors
Battery bumper car is simple to operate, needs small investment, and has small risk, which is suitable for new investors or project at initial stage, while electric bumper car is suitable for big or experienced investors.
Suitable for Different Passengers
Electric bumper is more thrilling, and suitable for adults. But battery bumper car has no electricity outside and some kiddie bumper cars is battery powered, which is more safer for kids.

Purchase Bumper Cars from Beston

Wide applications
It covers small areas and can be used in amusement and theme parks, carnival and fairground, indoor fun center, playground, shopping malls, and so on.
Convenient Investment
Beston bumper car is convenient to transport, install, maintain and operate, which is simple for investors.
Quick Return on Investment
Bumper car is much cheaper than many other rides but it is fairly popular. So investors can make a profit soon.
Environment Protection FRP
The FRP used in bumper cars is environmental friendly and is produced by a forming, and iron electrostatic spray painting.
Excellent Service
Beston offers quality services, including installation guidance, regular maintenance, after-sales service, free consultant and suggestions, etc.
Experienced Production
As a leading manufacturer, Beston produces various bumper cars, which has been exported to more than 100 countries worldwide.
Customized Available
Beston can accept the bumper car customization, including the appearance, theme, color, logo, decorations, and so on.
Safety Measures
There are two safety belts for the bumper cars and safety can be guaranteed if passengers follow the rules when they are riding.

Widely Seen Bumper Cars from Top Manufacturer

In order to purchase quality bumper cars for your amusement and theme parks, carnival and fairground, indoor fun center, playground, shopping malls, and so on, investors should have a good knowledge of bumper cars from different aspects. If so, you can identify what means a good manufacturer. Beston is a top manufacturer which is always in the leading position of manufacturing various bumper cars and other amusement rides, as well as provide optimal park solution for our customers.
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Popular Amusement Rides Matching with Bumper Cars

Bumper cars are versatile amusement rides, which can be matched with different kinds of park rides, such as other kiddie ridesm, family rides, spinning rides, thrill rides, and also indoor amusement rides. Here is an example of some popular amusement rides in Beston:
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