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Bumble Bee Ride For Sale

Bumble Bee Ride

Options and Photo Gallery of Beston Carnival & Amusement park Bumble Bee Ride for sale:

Here is just a selection of our bee ride available for sale, if you want more specific information  about each Perfect bumble bee bop for amusement parks and funfairs, click the Orange Button below  each of the picture for more information:

buy amusement rides -Bumble Bee Ride
buy amusement rides -Bumble Bee Ride Item BBBR-01

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Flying Bumble Bee Bee Jet Ride
Flying Bumble Bee Bee Jet Ride Item BBBR-02

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Small bumble bee ride for kids
Small bumble bee ride for kids Item BBBR-03

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Brief introduction of this bee ride-mall amusement ride

It is a very popular amusement equipment, it is also welcomed by children and adults. After moving the passenger will rotary with the machine up and down, it seems like that the passenger flying in the sky freely.  Riders on it can experience the vertigo and relaxed excitement as well as the thrilling rotating movements. The rotary bee rides or Bumble Bee Ride for sale, manufactured in Beston, are one of the most popular kid amusement equipment in China. During the night there are so many colorful lights, lovely bee modeling, and with the music it will be more attractive. Moreover it is good for kids exploring ability development.

Why kids love this Bumble Bee Ride?

The bumble bee bop belongs to a type of rotary type amusement funfair ride and also is a perfect  kiddie rides because it have advantages of safe, fun and vividly humble bee shape. In some amusement park, we also call it Bumble Bee Ride or bee ride. It main characteristic is its cabin which is made in the shape of bees. Bee represents diligence and kindness, this will make the children have a   very enjoyable and educational experience.

Beston’s service of this bumble bee bop sales

1. Best salesmen help you to well know our small amusement rides-bee ride and company.
2. Experienced engineer and workers produce your orders.
3. Professional inspector check Rides Quality before delivery.
4. Let you know the production progress anytime.
5. Program me your indoor or outdoor site, and then design the Ride according to your demand.

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