Beston Is Visiting Qatar And Saudi Arabia to Install Indoor Playgrounds

Do you need installation service? Do you have problems about the installation of your indoor playground equipment? Now, Good News For You All! Our engineers have a business trip to Qatar and Saudi Arabia! The journey is mainly to help our customers in Qatar and Saudi Arabia to install the indoor playgrounds, and it will last more than 40 days at the moment. But if you need more supports, we can prolong our schedule to help you! As we all know, Beston always attached great importance to our customers’ support!

Beston Is Vsiting Qatar And Saudi Arabia to Install Indoor Playgrounds
One-stop Installation Service to Qatar and Saudi Arabia

This journey is led by Engineer Ren, who has more than ten years of experience in amusement industry. He has rich experience in installing and maintaining in different kinds of amusement rides, including mechanical rides and unpowered rides. His first stop is to install two indoor playgrounds in the international airport in Qatar and the second stop is in Saudi Arabia for a 1200 square meters indoor soft playground installation. As for the journey, our schedule is as the following:

Our Schedule Destination Project Type Dwell Time
The First Stop Doha International Airport in Qatar 287M² Morandi Theme Indoor Playground and 276M² Space Theme Indoor Playground About 10 Days
The Second Stop Saudi Arabia 1200M²  Indoor Playground About 30 Days

When you are purchasing amusement rides from Beston company, installation will be not a difficulty for you. Because Beston can not only offer installation service when we are not in your country or areas, but also we can go to your site to support you on-site, just like our engineer is doing now. As for installation guidance, we will send you foundation drawings, installation instruction, installation videos and so on. Besides, our technicians will solve your problems online in a short time. As for on-site installation, Beston will dispatch several engineers who can fly to your country to assist you face to face. Contact Beston amusement whenever you have any demands! All staff in Beston will work together to make things easy when you are starting a new project!

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