Beston Carousel Ride Has Been Operated in the Philippines

Congratulations to our customers in the Philippines who has bought a 24 seats carousel ride from Beston! And the 24-seat colorful carousel ride for Philippine customer has been produced and delivered from Beston factory, installed and tested in our customers’ leisure resort, and until now it has been operated for a period of time! Our customer felt very satisfied with the design, appearance, product quality and operational status of this carousel ride in the Philippines! Check the photos below our customer provided to us! And if you are interested in, please feel free to contact us!

kiddie carousel ride for sale in the Philippines
Carousel Ride Installation in the Philippines

fairground carousels for sale in the Philippines
24-seat Carousel Ride for Sale in the Philippines


Production Details of Colorful Carousel Ride in Beston Factory?

Beston produced different types of carousel rides in our factory, such as carousel rides of 16 seats, 24 seats and 36 seats, and 68 seats double-decker carousel rides. Besides, our carousel ride is also can be classified into different themes, such as ocean theme, Christmas theme, royal theme, and so on. But as for all carousel ride in Beston amusement, including the carousel ride for our customer in the Philippines, they have some common features:

  • Special design for center column: the inside part is steel structure, the outside is FRP and pin-up picture, which is convenient for maintenance.
  • 100% waterproof of LED lights, which is colorful and the color can last more than three years. And we can customize the LED lights for our customers.
  • The Chassis is 8mm aluminum embossing plate with the function of antiskid. What’s more, under the plate, there is bamboo plywood to reduce the noise effectively.
  • Five coats of paints and exquisite painting craftsmanship. All painting workers with 5+ years of experience work with certificates.
  • Quality steel from famous brands which conforms to Chinese standard Q235B, which is corrosion resistance and can last longer.
  • FRP of 5 mm thickness for all carouse horses and decorations: anti-corrosion, environmental protection, longer service life, etc.
  • Motors and Bearings: Quality motors can prolong the service life and ensure the efficient operation. Fine bearings guarantee the smooth operation.
life size carousel horses for sale
Carousel Horses for Philippines

carousel amusement ride steel
Carousel Ride Materials

Carousel Ride Floor
Carousel Ride Floor

FRP for Carousel Ride
FRP for Carousel Ride

Cargo Loading of 24 Seats Carousel Ride for Sale in the Philippines

After production, Beston carousel ride should be tested in our factory, such as no load, partial load and full load. And this process will guarantee the carousel ride can be installed in our customers’ parks successfully and operated well in the park. Then Beston will arrange the shipment of carousel ride for our customers in the Philippines and the below is photos that we load the cargo. What’s more, we can promise the timely and safe delivery for our customers. Want to know more details about the shipment or other supports from Beston? Please feel free to contact us to get the product details!

carousel ride delivery to the Philippines
Cargo Loading of Carousel Ride for Philippines

carousel ride delivery to the Philippines
Carousel Ride Delivery to the Philippines

Installation Feedback From Our Customer in the Philippines

It takes about one month for our customers in the Philippines to receive the goods from Beston. When they receive the carousel ride, they can prepare for the installation. As for the installation, due to the foundation drawings, installation instruction, installation drawings, as well as the online installation guidance, it is simple to install the carousel rides in the leisure resort in the Philippines. Besides, because of the reasonable structure and unique design, Beston carousel ride are easy for installation. Therefore, our customers have installed the carousel ride in their resort in a shorter time and here are some feedback photos from our customer, which is fairly attractive!

theme park carousel ride for sale in the Philippines
Beston Carousel Ride Installation in the Philippines

Buy Carousel Ride for Indoor and Outdoor Project from Beston

As we all know, the carousel ride is widely used in indoor and outdoor parks, such as amusement and theme parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, city parks, children’s parks, scenic spot, resorts, shopping malls, indoor fun centers, FEC, and so on. Thus, as for investors, no matter what they plan to invest in, indoor or outdoor project, carousel rides can be their ideal selection. Beston can not only offer popular amusement rides, but also can customize the products to meet our customers’ demands. In addition, we can supply the appropriate park solutions for our customers around the world. Welcome to contact Beston to start your own park projects!

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