Beston Built a New Park in Tajikistan in May 2022

Good News! An amusement park for family fun has been fully completed and is available for the public in May 2022. The whole park covers an area of 8000 square meters and is composed of several thrill rides as well as kiddie and family rides. Welcome to contact Beston when you are planning to start your own parks!

Learn About the New Park Project

  • Project Type: A Family Fun Outdoor Amusement Park
  • Project Area: The park has an area of 8000 m2.
  • Park Address: it locates in Konibodom, a third-tier city in Tajikistan
  • Project Status: it opens for business in May 2022.
  • Product Type: family rides, kiddie rides and thrill rides.
  • Products: 36 seats swing ride, 16 seats mini pirate ship ride, self-control plane ride, 12 seats kiddie pendulum ride, 13 seats electric trackless train, 12 sets of bumper cars and an inflatable bouncy castle.
  • Delivery Time: We arranged the delivery in August 2021.
  • Delivery Location: from Zhengzhou City (Henan Province, China) to Tajikistan
Beston pirate ship rides for sale in Tajikistan
Beston Pirate Boat Ride in Tajikistan

chair swing ride for sale in Tajikistan
Quality Chair Swing Ride in Tajikistan


Process of Starting the New Park Project

Customer found Beston website when they were surfing online on Google or Yandex. Then they sent us an inquiry about purchasing bumper cars. After communicating for a short period of time, we learned that they are planning to build a park.

Then we began the product recommendation for the investor. Considering the long-term development and future profitability of the park, we suggest different types of amusement equipment to satisfy varied customer groups. Through a period of communication, the investor finally made a decision what to buy for the park.

Self-control Rotary Plane Ride for sale in Tajikistan
Beston Self-control Rotary Plane Ride in Tajikistan

pendulum amusement park ride in Tajikistan
Beston Giant Pendulum Ride in pendulum swing amusement ride in Tajikistan


And the purchase plan includes chair swing ride, kiddie pirate ship ride, self-control rotary plane ride, mini pendulum ride, trackless train, bumper cars and an inflatable bouncy castle, which can meet demands of all age groups.

Because of the novel coronavirus epidemic, it is inconvenient to come to China to visit our factory, and we suggest him to visit our branch office and parks we built in Uzbekistan.

After the business journey in Uzbekistan, they placed the order, and we began the production, delivery, and installation. At the moment, the new park for family fun has opened for public now.

Customer Feedback for New Park in Tajikistan

Customer feel very satisfied with our products, including the quality and service. They say our product is very good and high quality, and thanks for our products. Especially, Beston can offer comprehensive service from design to profit proposal. You can contact Beston for more details about our service!

quality service from Beston amusement rides

Do you want to know other details about purchasing amusement rides, building a new park, or any other questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us and Beston will be your optimal selection after you get to know us!

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