68-Seater Double-Decker Carousel For Sale in Volgograd, Russia

In March 2023, Beston Rides is proud to announce the successful installation of a 68-seat double-decker carousel at Friendship Park in Baku, Volgograd, Russia. After receiving the customer’s inquiry about the double-decker carousel, we conducted further communication with the customer. The client was asked to help with the construction and development of a park in the center of Volgograd, and the resulting project helped the park attract many visitors as well as media coverage.


Project Background

Friendship Park, located in Baku, Volgograd, spans an expansive 24 hectares. Originally established in preparation for the 2018 World Cup, the park underwent a significant transformation. Adjacent to the park, a state-of-the-art gymnasium was constructed to enhance the overall sporting facilities. The park itself underwent extensive refurbishment, marking its reopening in 2018. The journey began in June 2022 when Beston Rides received the initial customer inquiry from Russia. The goal was to elevate Friendship Park in Volgograd by introducing the largest double-decker wedding carousel, transforming it into a prominent landmark and a popular attraction.

full size carousel for sale
Amusement park carousel for sale

merry-go-round manufacturer
Beston Rides -merry go round manufacturer

Design Tailoring

Extensive communication ensued, delving into the park’s current amenities, size, and local culture. In July 2022, after thorough background checks, a purchase contract was signed, laying the foundation for collaboration. To ensure the carousel seamlessly integrates into the park’s vision, the design underwent revisions in August 2022. Changes included adjustments to the appearance color of the carousel horse ride and an upgraded configuration plan. With the finalized plan, the customer made an advance payment, signaling the commencement of production.

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Carousels for sale

carousel gardens amusement park rides
Carousel gardens amusement park rides

Production, Transportation, and Installation

In the process spanning from August 2022 to December 2022, Beston Rides completed the production of double-decker carousel ride. The 68-seat double-decker carousel, a marvel of engineering and design, underwent comprehensive production and quality assurance measures. Beston Rides’ skilled craftsmen and technicians worked hard to bring the carousel to life, ensuring each component met the highest standards.

portable carousel for sale
Amusement carousel production in Beston Rides

merry go round and carousel
Carousel ride parts production

fiberglass carousel horse for sale
Carousel horse ride painting

The next phase of this journey unfolded during the transportation period, spanning from August 2022 to December 2022. Beston Rides executed a seamless logistical plan, orchestrating the transportation of the double-decker carousel with precision and timeliness.
In March 2023, the moment arrived – the successful installation of the double-decker carousel in Friendship Park. The park’s grand opening was marked by the attractive carousel ride, becoming an instant focal point. The unique park design of the carousel captured the imagination of not just the local audience but also garnered attention from foreign media outlets. This international recognition added to the allure of Friendship Park, establishing it as a must-visit destination for both local and global amusement enthusiasts.

amusement park merry go round for sale from Chinese manufacturer

central park merry go round package
central park merry go round package

Park carousel for sale package
Park carousel for sale package

Customer Satisfaction and Repurchase

Post-installation, the double-decker carousel garnered immense popularity, attracting tourists and significantly increasing passenger flow. The satisfied customer expressed their contentment with Beston Rides’ products and services. A testament to the successful partnership, the customer recently repurchased the 360-degree pendulum ride.

Carousel ride feedbacks
Feedbacks of amusement carousel for sale

carousel fair ride
Carousel Fair Ride

As a leading merry-go-round manufacturer in China, Beston Rides offers a comprehensive park solution and design services. Such as water park design and indoor playground design. With a track record of successful projects worldwide, Beston Rides invites investors to choose them for unparalleled expertise. Contact us for a free consultation and embark on your journey to own a captivating amusement park.
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