10 Meters Customized Drop Tower Ride for Sale in Yemen

Good news for our customers in Yemen! The customized drop tower ride will arrive in Yemen and be installed in our customers’ indoor fun centers soon. The rotary drop tower ride from Beston amusement is 10 meters high and is customized in our company to satisfy our customers’ demands. After production, the rotary tower ride has been tested in the factory before delivery. Now, it has been delivered to our customer in the beginning of this month and our customer can make a preparation for the installation. The below is photos and videos of the tower ride:

customized drop tower ride in Beston factory
10 Meters Customized Drop Tower Ride in Beston Factory


Customized 10 Meters Drop Tower Ride for Yemeni Customers

Yemeni customers found Beston when he was searching online and planning to start a new project for his indoor fun center. His initial demand was to buy something thrilling for his indoor business. Among so many amusement rides manufacturers and suppliers, Beston stands out due to our independent design abilities. According to our customers’ requirements, we customized the design of drop tower ride for the indoor project. Our customer selected the customized drop tower ride because of thrilling experience and the attractive appearance and it can be suitable for both outdoor parks and indoor fun centers. Click to contact us for more details about the product with customized design!

customized drop tower ride in Beston factory
Customized Drop Tower Ride Design

customized drop tower ride in Beston factory
10 Meters Drop Tower Ride for Indoor Fun Center

design of customized rotary drop tower ride
Design Rotary Drop Tower Ride

1o meters customized drop tower ride in Beston factory
10M Customized Drop Tower Ride for Sale


Rotary Drop Tower Ride Inspection for Customer in Yemen

All amusement equipment must be tested and inspected in our factory before shipping to our customers, so did the drop tower ride. From the photos below, you can find Beston drop tower ride has excellent quality. During the production of drop tower ride, we value every detail, such as material selection, manufacturing techniques, safety measures, etc. So, the Yemeni customer felt satisfied with the tower ride that we supply for him. Then we arranged the shipment after receiving the remaining payment. Check the product details below:

Inspection of 10m Customized Drop Tower Ride
10m Customized Drop Tower Ride Inspection

Customized Drop Tower Ride steel
Customized Drop Tower Ride Steel

10m Customized Drop Tower Ride parts
10M Customized Drop Tower Ride Parts

10m Customized Drop Tower Ride seat
10m Customized Drop Tower Ride Seats

Support of the customized Drop Tower Ride
Support Column of drop tower ride

Support of the customized Drop Tower Ride
Support Column of drop tower ride

Videos of the Drop Tower Ride for Sale in Yemen

In order to let our customers directly see the display effect of the indoor project, the professional design team from Beston made this video for our customer in Yemen. It includes other amusement equipment he ordered from Beston! Are you interested in the design of this indoor fun center? Please feel free to contact and we also can send you a park solution with exclusively design.

Safety of Customized Drop Tower Ride from Beston

As we all know, safety is important to both our customers and the passengers. Therefore, as a reliable manufacturer, Beston pays much more attention to the safety. We do everything to ensure the passengers’ safety. The followings are some factors which can affect the safety and it includes the design, manufacture, product quality, fault handling, protection devices and so on:

In the process of designing the drop tower ride, Beston fully considers different problems that may occur when tourists ride the rotary tower ride. And the reasonable structure makes the ride safer.

As for the production, Beston rides are made of national standard steel, which has undergone strict flaw detection. In addition, we strictly control the cutting, polishing, grinding, welding, painting, assembly and so on.

The drop tower ride is equipped with multiple protection devices, which is an important measure to guarantee the safety of all tourists. The safety measures include emergency stop button, safety seat belt, safety lock, etc..

The operation and maintenance is also vital to tourists’ safety. The operation training is necessary and operators must pass the training. Besides, we inspect and maintain the machine regularly according to regulations.

Beston Amusement – Your Optimal Selection

It is wise to choose a professional manufacturer when starting a new project. As an expert in designing park project and manufacturing various amusement rides, Beston will be your ideal selection for investors around the world. Whenever you need Beston, we can supply quality service and support for you and will be always here to serve you! Please keep following us and we will update more information about amusement rides and park projects here!

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